How to Learn a Language Fast and Fluently

The ability to speak multiple languages fluently can be a major advantage to many people who are integrating into a new country. Interestingly, many have the ability to speak and write in a new language faster than others.


Although not all languages require the same amount of time to learn, others are more tasking to learn due to so many factors. According to language experts, you can learn basic communication skills in a matter of weeks and master the basics of a foreign language in several months.

how to learn a language fast

If you’re in need of tips to help improve your foreign language skills, then this article will be of great help to you.



1. Develop Daily Language Learning Habits

To learn a new language, you need to develop a daily habit of learning. Not just learning, you also need to cultivate the habit of practising what you’ve learnt.

You can devote at least 20-30 minutes daily to learning the basics of a new language. You can also review new vocabulary, interact with locals or watch an episode of a TV show or a short film in your chosen language.

2. Learn Cognates

Cognates are words that are almost exactly the same in another language. The words are closely related and sound the same, so it should be easy to learn and remember them. For example, gratitud in Spanish means the same as gratitude in English.

Typically, romance languages in French, Spanish and Italian have hundreds of words in common with English. Although the pronunciation may differ, you can use a language app to learn the correct pronunciation.

3. Learn the Most Common and Relevant Words

To get started with a new language and to achieve native-level fluency quickly, you will need to know at least 50,000 words. However, to achieve conversational fluency, learning a fraction of 2000 to 4000 words should be enough.

Additionally, you should listen to native speakers and write down and learn the commonly used words whilst ignoring the complex words that you don’t hear so often.

4. Focus on Relevant Words

To learn a foreign language quickly you need to focus on words that are relevant or that come up in your day to day life. These words could be related to your work or to leisure activities. By focusing on relevant language, you’ll be more likely to actually use the words you learn in real life. You’ll also find it easier to memorise these words.

5. Study with Flashcards

A great way to speak, learn and memorize vocabulary is by using flashcards. You can create your own physical flashcards, create digital ones, or use a platform that has built-in flashcards to review new words and phrases you learn.

6. Use a Notebook or Notepad

Write down relevant vocabulary you come across whenever you are exposed to the language by native speakers. This will help you to recall information and improve your language learning skills.


Learning a new language can be of great help to many. With these tips, you can learn a foreign language fast and speak fluently in a little time. You can also consult online resources to help improve your language learning skills.


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