Digital Marketer Versus Marketing Strategist: Which One is Better?

Many times people get confused when some individuals introduce themselves as marketing strategists or digital marketers. This is because they both sound alike and are usually within the same department. However, the difference in this occupations lies within their tasks, activities assigned to them.

Who Is A Marketing Strategist?

Marketing strategists are involved in working with other members of the marketing team to create promotional strategies that would be used to market the company’s goods and services. Depending on the size of the company that they work for they may also be responsible for posting the advertisements and promotional content.


The emergence of the digital age has also lead to many companies creating new spaces for marketing strategists with knowledge of social media tools whose aim is to increase the company’s customer base by appropriate strategies.

Most organisations are always looking to hire individuals who have an understanding of the human consumer culture. This is very important because the more you can answer questions like what consumers need, what price they are willing to pay, and how a product can appeal to consumers, the more you would be able to make a profit. With a degree in marketing, you would be able to formulate strategies to answer such questions required by organisations.

Who Is A Digital Marketer?

Digital marketers are often involved in the promotion of companies products and services through all digital channels, using the internet and mobile technology. They make use of different strategies to attract both existing and new customers to purchase their products.

As a digital marketer, you may be required to make use of multiple strategies depending on your employer’s requests. some of which include;

  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • pay per click campaigns
  • mobile marketing
  • affiliate marketing

Due to the presence of technology and the internet everywhere, you may not be required to work from the office all the time. some companies only require that you come for meetings either when your attention is needed or for documentation purposes.

Career Opportunities For Marketing Strategists

As a marketing strategist, you can work in various positions within the following sectors;

  • Market Researcher: Market researchers use their research skills to gather information about the target market of a brand or product. They analyse this data to understand buyer preferences and behaviour, and discover what trends are enveloping the market.
  • Product Manager: This career involves managing the development of a product to its point-of-sale, including market research, advertising and media planning. Product managers must have strong analytical skills as well as be excellent persuaders. They must also be able to pitch budgets and other proposals to customers.
  • Marketing Manager: Marketing managers oversee the entire marketing campaign of a brand, and use their creative and analytical abilities to handle budgets, write copy, conduct market research and generally ensure their strategies attract audiences.
  • Sales Representative: With strong persuasive, communication and interpersonal skills, you can use your marketing knowledge to make effective sales pitches. The role of a sales representative involves building sales strategies to attract the target market and successfully sell the product or service they provide.

Career Opportunities For Digital Marketers

While working in different organisations as a digital marketer, you can progress in your career in the following roles;

  • Social Media Manager: This involves managing and improving a brand’s image and handling customer relationships through multimedia content on social platforms. Writing skills and an eye for design also come in handy.
  • Media Planner: As a media planner, you’ll be responsible for selecting the appropriate platforms to attract clients. These positions are usually held in advertising agencies and involve working closely with the press, television or radio to achieve an advertising strategy.
  • Marketing Copywriter: copywriter positions are a natural fit for those who want to merge their marketing passion with writing and creativity. These individuals use their promotional skills to compose content for online and offline advertising materials, such as slogans, video scripts and even tweets.
  • SEO Specialist: Graduates with digital marketing skills and expertise in search engine optimisation may consider the role of an SEO specialist. Companies from all fields hire these professionals to take care of their online exposure and ensure their websites rank highly and perform well in search engines. Understanding user intent and strategic brand messaging are crucial for this role.

Marketing Strategist Vs. Digital Marketer Which is Better?

All roles in marketing require that one has a good knowledge of consumer behaviour, can identify trends and develop effective strategies to increase sales, This skills can either be earned through internships or a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

But if one is looking to continue long term, then you would have to get a postgraduate degree or online certifications related to your field and work experience for easy progression into more technical and higher roles.


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