How To Balance Work and Full-Time Study

People work and study for different reasons best known to them. Sometimes it could be because you need more cash to pay for tuition or you might need to take a course to improve your skills.

Most times both undergraduates and graduate students are caught up in this web. If you belong to either of this category, then knowing how to balance work and study without affecting each other is a major concern for you.

Some of the tips below would help you know how to combine working and studying together without conflict.



Inform the Appropriate Bodies

As someone who works, you should always let your boss know what your next step would be, especially if it might require you to be off work for some time.

Also, you might have to inform the school authority or your student advisor in the school of your situation.

Informing your boss shows that you are compliant and respect the companies policies while informing your student advisor would enable the school to give priority and special consideration to you whenever any decision is to be made.

Plan Yourself for Your New Situation

Working and studying means you are doing more than a regular student would. This means you might have to plan yourself adequately to meet your situation.

You can make use of an app to plan your schedules so you can either study or meet up with deadlines at work, remember you do not want to get fired or not pass well in school.

Learn to avoid last-minute situations, prepare for uncertainties and make use of apps that limit your distractions while reading for more effectiveness.

Be Fit Mentally and Physically

It is important that you pay attention to both your physical and mental health during this period. You should sleep well (not less than 4 hours), take naps when you feel tired or stressed.

Also, you would need to pay attention to your eating pattern. Eat breakfast as at when due, take lots of fruits to boost your immune system and take time off to exercise.

Prioritize Your Schedule

Sometimes this whole journey to obtaining your degree or certification while studying could be quite overwhelming.

During times like this, you should take some steps back and prioritize. Have a scale of preference and do not say yes to everything lest you get worn out in the process.

Setting boundaries can be a good way of putting your stress level in check.

Use Technology and Make Friends

In recent times technology has been an important tool in all areas. You can make use of online resources in your school or on the internet to facilitate learning processes when you miss classes.

But, you should make efforts with becoming friends with your classmates so they can give you up to date information about class tests and examinations on the days you are unable to meet up with school activities due to work.


Deciding to study full-time while working isn’t the easiest of things to do, it would require a lot of patience and perseverance from you. Sometimes you might feel like giving up, but if you endure the tough times you would be glad that you did.

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