Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program 2018

Applications are open for the Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program 2018. The Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange: Black Founders is a week-long immersion program focused on addressing the funding gap for startups led by Black founders.

Established in 2016, this program displays how American Underground and Google for Entrepreneurs strive to move the needle on diversity by addressing the key components to building a successful business: mentorship, training, and access to capital.

Throughout the course of this week, you will:

  • Learn how VC’s evaluate your value proposition
  • Learn how to lead a board meeting
  • Learn the secrets of Angel Investing
  • Receive pitch coaching on how to communicate your value proposition
  • Hear from Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange alumni about the fundraising process


Benefits of Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program

  • Mentorship: Each team is paired with a mentor from the North Carolina high-tech corridor (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) to receive one-on-one time with business and innovation experts. Mentors from Google will also join the program to provide support and product expertise
  • Training: Skilled tech and business experts are provided to prepare companies for angel/seed funding (less than $750K) and to share knowledge unique to challenges Black founders face
  • Access to Capital: The week culminates in a Demo Day. The winning company receives a trip to The Bay Area with strategic introductions to potential investors. Each year, over half of the participants receive capital on demo day and every participant recommends the program to fellow founders.

Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program Eligibility

Applying companies must:

  • Focus on Software, Consumer Product, Big Data, Analytics, and Internet of Things
  • Have a prototype or Minimum Viable Product
  • Have conducted customer interviews or have beta/paying customers
  • Must be raising or preparing to raise a seed round
  • Participating founder must be an original founding member of the company
  • Preference given for revenue generating startups

Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program Application

Click here to apply

For more information, visit Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program.

Application Deadline: August 8, 2018

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