GIMPA School Fees Schedule 2020/2021

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration School Fees Schedule 2020/2021: GIMPA School Fees Schedule for 2020/2021 Academic Year. The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration School fees schedule contains the total amount payable by both fresh and returning students for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

GIMPA School Fees fees: Below Is the Official Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Fees schedule to be paid by each undergraduate, Masters and PhD student respectively for the academic session.

The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice to the student. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.

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GIMPA School Fees Schedule.

Below is the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration School Fees Schedule for the 2020/2021 academic session.

Programme Application Fees Tuition Fees (GHS per semester
Bachelor’s 150 2,200
Postgraduate Diploma 200 2,500
Master’s 200 4,450

It has a capacity of 10000, and we shall look at the GIMPA school fees for three main degree programs; law, technology and business.

GIMPA Law School Fees

It is known well that the decision to take law at GIMPA is not a regrettable idea at all. They provide quality LLB module programs that ensure the best of the best in law in the country and even the entire West African Region. The GIMPA law school tuition fees include:

  • Tuition Fees -5,569.00 GHC for the entire year 2020/2021
  • Health Insurance-3,816.28 GHC
  • Payment for Health Facilities (Mandatory)-238.00GHC
  • Total-59,623GHC

This is coverage only for the academic year 2020/2021. The fees are charged to the students in semi-equal instalments. Also, the students can enrol and do their payments on a monthly basis. An overall estimated cost of 20,000GHC is added to the total to cover for the welfare of the studying student in the school if the individual is studying from abroad.

GIMPA Business School Fees

The faculty of business which offers world-class business administration programs including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) has affordable fees that can sustain and accommodate both national and international students. All the programs related to business at GIMPA are full time hence affecting the fees a bit. However, the most recent fee structure for the academic year 2020/2021 has not yet been released and therefore the cost cannot yet be calculated.

GIMPA School of Technology Fees

Again, another masterpiece of a course done at the GIMPA is offered at very affordable fees payable at the end of every semester. The GIMPA Ghana school fees are as follows;



Ghanaian Students
Masters Programmes: GHC 200.00
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes: GHC 200.00
Undergraduate Programmes/Mature Entrance Course: GHC 150.00
Certificate in ICT: GHC 100.00

International Students
Masters Programmes: US$ 150.00
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes: US$ 150.00
Undergraduate Programmes: US$ 100.00

Tuition Per Academic Year

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Ghanaian Students
Masters Programmes : GHC 13,200.00
Six (6) Months Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes : GHC 5,500.00
One(1) Year Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes : GHC 7,700.00
Undergraduate Programmes: GHC 6,600.00
Certificate in ICT: GHC 1,500.00
Mature Entrance Course: GHC 1,200.00

International Students
Masters Programmes: US$ 6,000.00
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes : US$ 3,000.00
Undergraduate Programmes(African Students) : US$ 3,000.00
Undergraduate Programmes(Non-African Students) : US$ 4,500.00

Payment Plan-Percentage of Annual Fee

We can very well agree that both the Masters and the GIMPA undergraduate fees for this course just make you want to take the course and be able to do it.


Though the GIMPA graduate school fees are a little bit higher, the outcome is most beneficial as employment is almost definitely guaranteed. The GIMPA Ghana school fees reflect the simplicity the school offers but the end result makes all the difference. It molds and shapes one into their best of ability and makes you a marketable product in the job market.

School fees in GIMPA have been specially designed and monitored to support the students from all walks of life since it also doubles up as a public university. You can choose to study your dream course at GIMPA. You will not regret it.



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    Include accommodation fees, please.


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