Ghanaians Can Now Spend Up-To 30 Days In USA Without A Visa

According to media reports from Ghana, the West African country have signed a diplomatic agreement with the USA which allows their citizens spend up to 30 days in USA without needing a visa granted they have no prior criminal records.

Aside reducing the processing times in acquiring passports, the government has increased the validity of Ghanaian passports from 5 to 10 years.

Foreign Minister Shirley Botchwey signed the visa-free travel policy with the United States on behalf of all Ghanaians.


In this new policy, holders of Ghanaian passports without any criminal records are entitled to visit the United States without visas for a period of 30 days only.

The Satirist Attachee at the embassy, Dr. Baffour Gyawu (Mphil, Phd) told the press present that the only document needed to board a plane to the US is a valid passport and Police clearance certificate.


“Traffic offences are considered criminal”, he added.

Last year, news broke about plans by the US government to set up a regional military base in Ghana. We are yet to verify if this is in relations to Ghana agreeing to that plan.


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