National Service Scheme (NSS) Allowance and Salary (2021)

In this post, we’ll be looking at the Ghana National Service Scheme (NSS) allowance and salary. You’ll also get to know how much NSS personnel earn as their monthly allowance. The duration of the Ghana national service is one year and every participant is entitled to a monthly allowance.

NSS Registration for Private Applicants

Upon reporting at the primary place of assignment, the terms of payment are calculated from the first day of duty. For personnel posted to learning institutions, their allowances are paid by the government through the National Service Secretariats. For those posted to corporations, their allowances are paid from the money that these corporations make. Personnel who are posted to companies, the companies will be solely responsible for their allowances.

These private companies are required to pay a certain percentage to the National service Secretariat. The amount is usually 20% of the basic service allowance and the payment is made to the Executive Director. On the whole, the NSS salary varies depending on the place of primary assignment. Now, placements of personnel depend majorly on the discipline of a candidate.


Ghana National Service Scheme (NSS) Allowance

National Service personnel currently earn GHc559 per month after it was increased from the previous year’s figure of GHc350.

The National Service Scheme is a one-year long program and personnel are expected to earn about GHc6,700 as allowance during this period.

However, GHc 15 is deducted from this allowance for the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) week celebration. But this has caused a lot of agitation by NSS personnel. According to the personnel, they had not opted to join the Association and as such should not have to pay the dues.

But according to the Executive Director of the National Service Secretariat (NSS), all service personnel are required to join NASPA per the Association’s Constitution. This is given the role NASPA plays in securing the allowance increments. The association is also recognized as the official representatives of the service personnel.


Ghana National Service Allowance Form

The Ghana national service scheme under the ministry of finance is the body solely responsible for disbursing allowances to the National Service Personnel. Personnel are expected to download and fill the Ghana national service allowance form, fill it appropriately and submit on time for prompt payment.

The national service allowance form is available for download at the National Service Scheme (NSS) website. The NSS allowance payment is made to the bank accounts of personnel.

The NSS monthly assessment form is to be completed and submitted at the district office of the Ghana National Service Scheme by the 15th of every month. Failure to do so means that your allowance will be withheld. Also, a form not signed and stamped by supervisor will be declared invalid.


  1. Please I have not received my salary allowance from September 2020 to January 2020 please why mean while others have received their own.

  2. Please when are they going to pay Nss allowance to those who just started on September2020 and up till now we have not received ours


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