GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion Application 2024

The Ghana Education Service (GES) non-teaching staff promotion application for 2024

GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion


Applications are invited from suitably qualified serving non-teaching staff for consideration for promotion to the grade of:

Accounting Class

  • Chief Accountant II
  • Deputy Chief Accountant I & II
  • Principal Accountant

Internal Audit Class

  • Chief Internal Auditor II
  • Deputy Chief Internal Auditor I & II
  • Principal Internal Auditor

Administrative Class

  • Chief Administrative Officer II
  • Deputy Chief Administrative Officer I & II
  • Principal Administrative Officer

Catering Class

  • Chief Domestic Bursar
  • Deputy Chief Domestic Bursar
  • Principal Domestic Bursar

Technical Class

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Deputy Chief Technical Officer
  • Principal Chief Technical Officer

Librarian Class

  • Chief Librarian
  • Deputy Chief Librarian
  • Principal Librarian

Supply Class

  • Chief Supply Officer
  • Deputy Chief Supply Officer
  • Principal Supply Officer

Laboratory Technician Class

  • Chief Laboratory Technician
  • Deputy Chief Laboratory Technician
  • Principal Lab Technician

Secretarial Class

  • Principal Private Secretary
  • Senior Private Secretary
  • Private Secretary

Driver Class

  • Yard-Foreman
  • Chief Driver
  • Principal Driver


GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion Qualification

An applicant should have been promoted to any of the above-mentioned grades on or before 1st September, 2019 and should have been continuously at the post since that date (except for periods of approved absence) and must have a very satisfactory work history with good conduct in the Ghana Education Service.

Officers with Masters Degree and PhD

For the avoidance of doubt, applicants who wish to rely on Masters/Doctorate degree to join the interviews out of turn should note the following:

a. Masters/PhD programme should be on the approved GES course of study

b. The Masters/PhD certificate should not have been obtained before the previous promotion.

c. Applicants who wish to use the Masters/PhD certificates for promotion should have obtained their certificate on or before 2021.

How to Apply for GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion

All applicants must log on to from Monday, 26th February, 2024 to apply. Please take note of the following.

a. Each applicant should complete a copy of the APPLICATION FORM. A recent passport-size photograph must be affixed to the application form.

b. An applicant’s form must be supported by only the last promotion letter or upgrading letter or appointment letter.

c. An applicant should upload only Master’s/Doctorate Degree certificate when using it for his/her promotion.

d. All documents uploaded should be in a PDF Format with the exception of passport photographs.

e. All documents uploaded should be clear and readable.

f. The completed application form should be uploaded on the website NOT LATER THAN 31ST MARCH 2024.

Processing of Application

Only shortlisted applicants shall be invited for an interview.

Note: The application forms should be accessed at

Please ensure that you complete the declaration part xi as proof of your identity.

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