Finally: All Teachers Alliance Ghana receives Recommendation from GES

Finally: All Teachers Alliance Ghana receives Recommendation from GES

The Ghana Education Service has given full recommendations to All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) to deal directly with the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) as a legally bonded Teacher Union.

The Ghana Education Service has issued an introductory letter to  the Controller and Accountant Generals Department to officially deal with the Teacher Union in all matters regarding deduction of dues of its members.

In an earlier report ,the Ghana Education Service refused to give full recommendation to the Newly Established Teacher Union until it was legally dragged to the National Labour Commission (NLC).

The NLC ruled in favour of All Teachers Alliance thereby making it a legally bonded Teacher Union .

All Ghanaian Teachers are now given the legal right to join any Teacher Union including All Teachers Alliance Ghana.

The following are some of the policies and programs ATAG has put in place to ensure that members are genuine shareholders and part and parcel of its investment assets.

1. ATAG will sign contract with all members who have share in our funds. This will enable all fund contributors to protect their investment at any point in time.

2. ATAG will constitute group investment holdings where a number of teachers will be entitled to a particular holdings even after pension. It will be done with regular ages. That is if they are made up of 5000 teachers, ATAG will make sure all of them will retire at the same time. They will continue to enjoy these investments unless liquidated.

3. ATAG won’t employ technocrats and form a clan of it. We will give opportunity to teachers to manage every aspects of the alliance. Technocrats will give us advice as to when we need them. With training, teachers with knowledge can do the work of insurance and investment.

4. ATAG will give opportunity to members to decide which investment holdings they want to enter into. With this members can have more access to our assets than ATAG deciding for them solely.


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