E-Learning Platform for SHS Students – icampusgh.com

E-Learning Platform for SHS Students – icampusgh.com | The online learning platform for senior high school (SHS) students is open for students to study and learn online.

The platform gives students the opportunity to access all core subjects and selected electives, access to video lessons and lesson notes, access to virtual labs and simulations (in some instances) and access to online test after every lesson.

How to access the Online Study Platform for SHS Students in Ghana


To access the platform

1. Visit icampusgh.com

2. Enter your BECE index number as your username.

Note: For SHS 3 students, add 17 to the index number E.g. 309074025 then 17 to read 30907402517

3. Enter [email protected] as your default password and click on log in.

4. You will be required to change the default password before you can continue using the platform.


5. Click on View all courses to see the subjects available. Click on any of the courses available and enrol.

The iCampusGH platform seems to still be a work in progress.

How to change your iCampusGH account password

Once you log in, follow the following procedure to change your iCampusGH password:

  1. On the login, interface enter your BECE index number as username and [email protected] as the default password.
  2. Click on the login button
  3. You will be greeted with a new interface that prompts you to change your password. Create a new password by entering the default password in the current password field
  4. Then type your new password in the new password field.
  5. Repeat your new password in the new password field (again)
  6. Click on the Save changes button.
  7. Your password is not changed and you can access the platform.

Benefits of the iCampusGH platform

1. Access to all core subjects and selected electives.
2. Access to video lessons and lessons notes.
3. Access to virtual labs and simulations (in some instances)
4. Access to online Test after every lesson.


  1. Keep trying. Its very resourceful to use as learning platform. The notes are self explanatory and easy to understand.

  2. Kindly update the lesson notes for Lessons 1-10 with respect to SHS 2 and SHS 3 Biology. It appears the wrong notes which were initially posted for those lessons are still the ones there.


  3. This site is starting to piss me off! I’ve been trying for weeks but still can’t get access to my previous account neither can i create a new too,Any help?

  4. I have been typing in my user Id buh it keeps on telling me webpage I’d doesn’t exist.Please try and help me log in oooo

  5. Hello, I would like to say it’s a good platform for learning. But I have a problem, I lost my password. I clicked on ‘forgot password” but all it does is to send me back to the sign in menu. Please, how would I retrieve my password. If possible , please reset my password to the default one so that I can access and change it again. This is my index number 020307601419. Please, I implore you. I really need to learn. Thank you very much and God bless you!

  6. Hi, My name is Ivan Nyarko I have tried to access this online learning progamme these past months, but everytime I login it tells me my index number is incorrect. So kindly do something about it.

  7. I’ve tried several times but I can’t join my mates.
    Please try and do something about it.
    Thank you.

  8. Why is the icampusgh for only General Science students? That’s is completely wrong ,it should be for all SHS programs. Please do your correction now.

  9. Please I forgot my password and I don’t know how change it ,due to this I couldn’t have access to the icampush.please help me have access to my account.

  10. Waece candidates should be allow to go to school and continue their studies as they practice social distance to help them prepare adequately for their exams. If only third year’s go to school there will not much population so they can observe social distance. Do that us please.

  11. Please government should make mistake of not giving at least 3 months for 2020 waece candidates before thinking of the date to write the exam. This is because 70percent of candidates have no access to the online learning. Aside that
    Only 20percent are concentration. Therefore waece candidates still need more teaching in classroom before going for their exams thank i want this should be published to Ghanaian.

  12. If u people have close this site let us know because i have tried several timess to login but it always reject it why? If is so don’t worry we the form 3 with studying????

  13. What is wrong with your systems? Because I’ve tried login in since last week but to no avail.. Pls do something about it.


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