Dollar to Cedi Exchange Rate Today [Bank Rate $1 = GHC11.98]

How much is Dollar to Cedi exchange rate today black market 2024 – The Ghana Cedi to Dollar exchange rate though pegged at an official rate of GHC11.9800 per $1 had been at what could be described as a freefall in the black market.

Foreign currency exchange rates are not stable and one would need to check for updates frequently as changes occur. The Dollar to Cedi exchange rate today is GHC11.9800 is equivalent to 1$.


US Dollar To Ghana Cedi Exchange Rate Today

Official Bank of Ghana exchange rate today is GHC8.3030 to 1 Dollar. However, if you are buying from the black market, expect to buy between GHC11.98 to 1$.

Buying => 1 USD to GHS = 11.9740

Selling => 1 USD to GHS = 11.9860

Though in recent days it has been fluctuating, currently at the rate above.

The Ghana Cedi (GHS)

Country:Ghana Cedi
Sub-Unit:1 GH₵ = 100 pesewa

The cedi is the unit of currency of Ghana. The word cedi is derived from the Akan word for cowry shell which was once used in Ghana as a form of currency. One Ghana cedi is divided into one hundred pesewas (Gp). A number of Ghanaian coins have also been issued in Sika denomination and may have no legal tender status.

The United States Dollar (USD)

Country:United States of America
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 Dollar = 100 cents
Symbol:$, US$

The U.S. dollar is the currency most used in international transactions. Several countries use the U.S. dollar as their official currency, and many others allow it to be used in a de facto capacity. It’s known locally as a buck or greenback.

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