How to Check NYC DCAS Exam Results & List

Looking for procedures on how to check the NYC DCAS exam results and list? You’re at the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn the step-by-step guide on how to access your DCAS exam results.

DCAS Exam Results

The authorities of the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Service have enabled the NYC DCAS exam portal for eligible applicants who participated in the examination. Eligible applicants can now access their exam results on the portal.

What is NYC DCAS?

The New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services is a City of New York government agency. It’s mission is to make city government work for all New Yorkers. It is responsible for: Recruiting, hiring, and training City employees. Managing 55 public buildings.

How to Check Status of Exam or List

To check the status of an exam or list, or to get additional information on either one, please call (212) 669-1357 or log into your account online in the Online Application System, or visit our open data portal and search “civil service exams” to check the status of an exam or list. Scores remain active for up to four years.

How Do You Get Your Results?

For multiple-choice exams taken on a computer, we will provide you with immediate, tentative results at the end of your test. For multiple-choice exams in paper and pencil format, we will publish your results in our Online Application System dashboard later.

For education and experience results, the process varies. Some education and experience tests will provide you with immediate, tentative results once you finish the exam, while others will post your results on your dashboard at a later date. Once scores are official, we post the list of all candidates who pass, ranked in order of score. Finally, we mail your official results, when the results list is established.


What if You Disagree With Your Results?

For all multiple-choice tests, you have the opportunity to challenge the exam answer key during a protest review session. You can obtain more information about the protest review session and the process in our protest procedures. In addition, you will also be able to appeal the score for any of the tests that make up your examination.

For more information on the appeal process, you can download the Appeal Completion Checklist of steps to appeal your score through the Online Application System.

Change of Personal Information

In order for you to receive communications from DCAS regarding your exam, it is important that you keep your contact address up to date. If you fail to update your address, you may miss an opportunity for appointment from the list. If any of your personal information changes after filing for an exam (ex. Social Security number, name, address, telephone, or email address), you must notify the exams team by completing a data correction form.


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