How to Check Your 2025 Matric Result With Your Cell Phone

Did you know that you can now check your matric results with your cell phone? Now you can check your result either with SMS or USSD service. So, in case you don’t have access to the internet, you’re just coding away from checking your matric result.


In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to check your 2025 matric results with your cell phone. You can either send an SMS or dial a USSD code to access your result.


How to Check Matric Results With a Cell Phone

You can use your cell phone (or someone else’s) to receive your results. SABC Education and the Department of Basic Education have provided a service that allows you to get an SMS with your results.  Yep, it’s pretty awesome!  You can register and have your results sent to you as soon as they are released. How? You have two options:

Register via SMS

  • Send your ID number and exam number to 45856
  • You’ll get a confirmation SMS once you’ve successfully registered.
  • SMS cost R1.50 per message
  • Get your matric results immediately when they are released

Use the USSD service

  • Dial *120*45856# and enter your exam number to register
  • Answer a few multiple questions
  • Enter your ID number
  • You will get your matric results per subject
  • USSD rates apply

You could also opt for the old-school method by giving the department a call on the day that the results are released. Just take note that a lot of matric students will be phoning to find out their results so you might wait for quite a while to get your results.

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