How to Buy SHS Placement Checker With Your Phone

Do you know you can purchase your SHS placement checker with your mobile phone?… In this guide, we will show you how to buy SHS placement checker with your phone and how to check your SHS placement on portal.
The procedure described below works for all networks. Just follow the instructions outlined below.

How to Buy SHS Placement Checker With Your Phone

1. Visit with a smartphone or computer

2. Choose the card type you want to buy. eg: BECE Results Checker

3. Enter the number of cards you want to buy and the amount will be automatically calculated

4. Click on “Buy Now”

5. You will be taken to a new screen where you enter your name and phone number (Card details will be sent via SMS to the phone number you enter here)

6. Click on “Proceed to Payment”

7. On the next screen, choose Mobile Money and enter your MoMo number. You’ll be sent an OTP to confirm.

8. Confirm the payment on your phone.

9. You will instantly receive an SMS with the BECE Results Checker PIN and Serial and instructions to check.

How to Check SHS School Placement

  • Visit the SHS school placement portal or
  • Enter the 10-digit index number and add 22 as your year of completion. E.g 123456789422
  • Enter the pin code details (serial number and pin)
  • Click on submit and wait for placement to show up.
  • print the form if you have been placed and send to school to begin the admission process.

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