How to Start a Successful Beauty Salon Business in Ghana

One business that doesn’t run out of customers is the beauty salon business. Looking good is a good business and everyone wants to look good. When people take a look at themselves in the mirror its because they want to check out how they look.

You’ll agree with me that women place more emphasis on their outward appearance than men do. Almost all of them have something in common irrespective of their age. They all have hair which needs to be washed, braided, fixed with extensions, coloured or flat ironed.

How to Start a Beauty Salon Business in Ghana

Owing and running a beauty salon in Ghana is a very lucrative business. You can choose to run your business as a side or full-time basis depending on your availability, goals and projection.


It is also a business one can start even if you do not possess hair making skills. With a good business head on your neck and great hiring skills, you may be on the way to owning a lucrative hair salon in Ghana thus improving your life and making you an employer of labour.


How to Start a Beauty Salon Business in Ghana

That being said, I will be showing you how to start a successful beauty salon business in Ghana. With these steps, you too can be an entrepreneur.

1. Get Trained

Getting the necessary training in hair making is a good way to start. For you to become successful in this business, you need to have a good idea of what you’re going into.

Even though you want to run your business on a part-time basis, you should at least have background knowledge of the equipment needed to set up the place. By getting trained in the business, you’ll also get to learn and know the latest trend in the industry.

2. Write a Business Plan

Before you go further in starting a beauty salon business, you need to write a concise business plan for your business. This will give you a clear overview of what and what you need to start up.

A good business plan will show you how much capital you need to start, the equipment you need to get, your proposed location, and how much the whole business will cost you.

3. Capital

With your business plan in place, you can know your expected capital for the business. It is almost impossible to start a business without capital. You need money to buy the necessary equipment, rent a place, pay your staff and others.

However, you can always start small if you don’t have enough capital to start big. But if you have a reasonable amount of money and you’re willing to invest in the beauty salon business, then the next thing we should be talking about is location.

4. Secure a Location

Securing a good location is a very important factor that should be noted in starting any kind of business. When it comes to starting a beauty salon business, you need to get a good location that will expose your business.

You have to consider some things like, how easy your clients will locate your business? Is the area commercialized enough? These are questions that you should consider before settling for a location.

However, you can actually start small if you don’t have money for a shop. All you need do is to look for any available shed in your area where you can negotiate with a little amount.

5. Buy Beauty Salon Equipment

Whether you’re starting on a large scale or small scale, they are some equipment that you need to buy. When it comes to this, there are several options available; either you buy new furniture and equipment, find second-hand options or rent.

Professional equipment costs a lot and can significantly spike up the average cost to open a salon. Some of the pieces of equipment needed are;

  • Furniture: chairs or a sofa for the waiting area, reception desk, hair and nail workstations, a massage table;
  • Equipment: hair and nail tools, like dries, towels, conditioners, curlers, nail drill, steamers, mirrors, combs, brushes, trimming scissors, curling iron, hair straightener, rollers, carts and trolleys, fan and/or air-conditioning system.
  • Backbar products: anything that your professionals might need depends on the services your salon provides. It’s more important here to find trustworthy suppliers that will deliver products on time;
  • Other materials: don’t forget you need a source of power and water. Also, you need cleaning supplies, to keep your salon space tidy.

6. Hire Staff

Another thing to consider when it comes to starting a beauty salon business in Ghana is hiring employees. You need the right set of staff to run a successful business.

You can employ people in different capacity like hair stylist, salon manager, assistants, manicurist, massage therapist etc.


In conclusion, you’ve to know that just like every other business, you’ll face challeneges when starting. It is important not to give up until you’ve tried everything possible to make it work.

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