Baldwin University College Academic Calendar 2018/2019

Baldwin University College Academic Calendar 2018/2019. The Baldwin University Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 is the breakdown of events to be carried out by the University for this academic year.

Baldwin University College Academic Calendar

The management of the Baldwin University College has released the 2018/2019 academic calendar which serves as a guide for planning by students and staff of the University.


The Baldwin University College Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, faculty, staff and departments, as well as outside organisations. The calendar includes registration dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, exam dates and more.

Baldwin University College Academic Calendar 

From To
Reopening/Registration Period Monday, 03-September-2018 Saturday, 29-September-2018
Orientation for new students Wednesday, 05-September-2018
Summer Semester Examinations Thursday, 06-September-2018 Sunday, 23-September-2018
Lectures Begin Friday, 07-September-2018
Close of Registration Exercise Saturday, 29-September-2018
Matriculation Saturday, 13-October-2018
Mid-Semester Examinations Monday, 22-October-2018 Sunday, 28-October-2018
Graduation Saturday, 24-November-2018
Lectures End Sunday, 25-November-2018
Revision Monday, 26-November-2018 Sunday, 02-December-2018
End of Semester Examinations Sunday, 02-December-2018 Tuesday, 18-December-2018
Holiday Break Saturday, 22-December-2018 Friday, 18-January-2019
Re-Sit Examinations Friday, 04-January-2019 Saturday, 12-January-2019
Lectures Begin Monday, 21-January-2019
Reopening/Registration Period Monday, 28-January-2019 Thursday, 14-February-2019
Late Registration Thursday, 14-February-2019 Thursday, 21-February-2019
Close of Registration Exercise Thursday, 21-February-2019
Mid-Semester Examinations Monday, 18-March-2019 Sunday, 24-March-2019
Lectures End Sunday, 21-April-2019
Revision Monday, 22-April-2019 Sunday, 28-April-2019
Semester Examination Monday, 29-April-2019 Wednesday, 15-May-2019
Holiday Break Thursday, 16-May-2019 Monday, 02-September-2019
Reopening/Registration Period Tuesday, 28-May-2019 Saturday, 15-June-2019
Lectures Begin Friday, 31-May-2019
Mid-Semester Examination Monday, 08-July-2019 Sunday, 14-July-2019
Revision Monday, 05-August-2019 Sunday, 11-August-2019
Semester Examinations Monday, 12-August-2019 Sunday, 25-August-2019
Re-Sit Examination Monday, 02-September-2019 Sunday, 08-September-2019


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