Ashesi University Reopening Guidelines 2020/2021

The President of Ghana announced a decision to allow the reopening of all schools in the country in a national address on Sunday, January 3, 2021. The update on COVID-19 safety measures provided campus reopening guidance for both public and private schools. Following this announcement, the University will implement its previously proposed safety protocols for any return to campus, shared with the University community in December of 2020.

Returning to campus for January to May 2021 semester will be optional for students


With classes continuing online for the second half of the 2020/2021 academic year, students have the option to return to campus or continue classes from home. On-campus housing will be available for approximately half of our student population to enable social distancing and safety, with limited options for off-campus housing. Students who intend to return to on-campus housing and use campus facilities would have to apply to support planning. Students who choose to remain at home will also continue to receive support and resources previously provided by the University to enable effective online learning. Campus reopening timelines for returning students are as follows: 

January 4 – Campus reopens for the first half of first-year students.
January 11 – Campus reopens for the second half of first-year students. 
January 15 – Campus reopens for the first half of continuing students. 
January 16 – Campus reopens for the second half of continuing students.
January 18 – Classes begin online.


COVID-19 testing and on-campus safety

Once on campus, students will have to follow all safety protocols as outlined by the University Health Centre. All students will also have to undergo COVID-19 testing before moving in on campus. A second COVID-19 test will be conducted for all students during the course of the semester. The University will fund both tests. Though students are encouraged to stay on campus throughout the semester, they may leave campus when necessary. Students would have to notify the University Health Centre in such cases. Visits to campus residential facilities will also be restricted.

Canteens and eateries on campus will allow for only take-out services, and safety signs and markings will provide guidance on protocols for purchasing meals, other food items and groceries in different campus spaces.

Additionally, the University will be temporarily restricting mass gatherings, contact sports, and other social events for the semester. Access to specific spaces on campus will also have temporarily limited to support social distancing measures.

A collaborative effort

Despite measures put in place to reduce any risks, the safe and effective conduct of our upcoming semester will still depend on responsible behaviour by all members of our community. In keeping with the Ashesi Honour Code, we trust that the entire community will ensure respect and adherence to all safety protocols. 

We will continue to provide updates to the University community on safety protocols, in line with guidance and recommendations from the Government of Ghana and our health team(s). 

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