Ashesi University College Fees Payment Guidelines | How to Pay Fees

The Ashesi University College Fees Payment Guidelines has been released. Fresh and returning undergraduates students should see how to pay Ashesi University College Fees Below.

Ashesi University College Fees Payment Guidelines

The management of the Ashesi University College Ghana has released the fees payment guidelines for Ghanian and International Students of the University. The payment guidelines cover bank payment, international wire transfer, and online payment options.

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Ashesi University College Fees Payment Guidelines.

A. Payment by direct deposit to the bank

(1) Pay fees at the bank (Ghana & ECOWAS Region)
For payments within Ghana or the West Africa (ECOWAS) region, students can deposit fees directly to either our Ghana Cedi or US Dollar account with any ECOBANK branch as follows:

  • Cedi Account Number : 0200014411600902
  • Dollar Account Number : 0202034411600901

(2) Fill deposit slip
Complete a deposit slip in triplicate as follows:

  • Original for the bank
  • Duplicate to be submitted to Ashesi (photocopy is acceptable). The duplicate can be handed in at the Finance Office on submission of application forms.
  • Triplicate should be kept by student as evidence of payment.

(3) Confirm information required on the deposit slip

  • Full name and contact number(s).
  • A valid Bank Stamp

(4) Submit deposit slip to Ashesi, and get an official Ashesi Receipt

Submit a copy of the deposit slip to the Finance Office at Ashesi, and keep your receipt with you.

B. Payment by International Wire Transfer

*Please note geographical location corresponding to each bank account listed below

(1) West Africa Rapid Transfers
(can be conducted from any ECOBANK location in the West African region using the following account information):

(2) Africa Wire Transfer Payment Information
(transfer can be made from banks located in Africa. This applies to both tuition and application fees):

(3) The Americas (USA, Canada, South America) Wire Transfer Payment Information

a. Transfer from:

b. Transfer to:

(4) United Kingdom and Europe Wire Transfer Payment Information

a. Transfer from:
Ghana International Bank PLC, 69 Cheapside, London EC2P2BB, United Kingdom

b. Transfer to:

C. Payment via Online Payment Portal

To make payments with your VISA or MasterCard debit or credit card, click here.
(Please note that you will have to provide your Student ID number and PIN)


(1) Please contact the Finance Office if you need further payment instructions.
(2) Deposits are non-refundable.
(3) Students must review all official receipts to ensure the following information reflect on the receipt:

  1. Date of receipt
  2. Date of deposit slip or payment order
  3. Full name
  4. Deposit amount and exchange rate if applicable
  5. Payment description, e.g. application fees
  6. Signature of the Admin Assistant
  7. Phone number

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