Air Hostess Salary Structure in Ghana


The prospect of pursuing a career in the aviation industry is fascinating, especially for young people. A reason why many want to know the salary structure of air hostess in Ghana.

One of the advantages of getting a job in the aviation industry is the huge pay package. As an air hostess or flight attendant, there are so many benefits accrued to you aside from your basic salary.

The incentives are numerous. So if you’ve been wondering how much air hostess and flight attendants earn in Ghana, you’re at the right place. However, before we go into that, let’s look at the duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant.

Who is a Flight Attendant?

A flight attendant also called air hostess or travel steward is someone who ensures that passengers are comfortable aboard flights. They are also saddled with the responsibility of reviewing safety practices before flight, bringing passengers requested items, serving food and drinks, and ensuring that passengers are comfortable throughout the flight.

Air hostesses also conduct safety checks at various times during a flight, instruct passengers during a plane’s descent, and assist in the deplaning process after landing.

Air Hostess has an average career span of eight to ten years, later she can move to the ground duties which include the job of a Check Hostess, training of air hostess, Ground hostess or work with the management level.

Skills Needed to Become an Air Hostess

To become an air hostess, there are certain skills that you must possess. Airlines look forward to some of these skills when recruiting air hostesses. Some of the skills include;

  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Be in a good physical condition and be able to stand and sit for long periods of time
  • Reassuring passengers in the event of an emergency, making sure they follow safety procedures
  • Ensuring that passengers are made comfortable
  • Maintaining a calm demeanour, positive outlook, and an empathetic nature
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills
  • Working with a culturally diverse population
  • Looking and acting like a professional at all time

You can read our complete guide on how to become an air hostess in Ghana to get started with this profession.

Air Hostess Salary Structure in Ghana

Now the big question is “how much does air hostess earn in Ghana“?

The salary structure of flight attendants in Ghana differs based on so many factors ranging from qualification, cadre and experience.

Due to the lucrative and competitive nature of this job, the amount paid to flight attendants every month isn’t published online.

However, according to, flight attendants (air hostess and stewards) earn between GHC 5.08 and GHC 19.05 per hour based on the airline. Expect major airlines to pay more.

The figure quoted above, however, does not include allowances and bonuses which could see the salary to vary slightly. Most of the air hostesses also get tips from passengers from time to time.

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