20 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start in Ghana with Little Capital

Did you know that they are businesses which you can start in Ghana with little or no capital? The lack of money should hinder you from starting a small business. In this article, I will show you 20 lucrative businesses you can start in Ghana with little or no capital.

Starting a business in Ghana is sometimes a difficult process that required a lot of time and effort. But as shown by numerous examples, new ideas without investment has no financial profiting.

So, we are going to show you how to create your enterprise without a large sum of money. With these business ideas in Ghana, you can make a living off it. All you have to do is go through this page and study the business ideas.


20 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start in Ghana with Little Capital


Starting photography will however require you to have the talent of a photographer and all the necessary equipment needed to organize a photo shoot for a potential client. You can conduct a photo session, edit pictures and provide clients with the finished product. Also, there are online platforms where you can market your photos. You can take a picture of your immediate environment and compile a photo album and sell it.

Make-up and Hairstyle

The beautification industry is a very lucrative one. You can enroll in a specialized course, where you can offer hairstyle or various types of make-up services to clients. Make-up artist and hairstylist will always be in demand. This is because every girl wants to be beautiful both for casual even or for work. So, you will certainly make a lot of money in this lucrative business in Ghana.


You can start a dropshipping business without any investment. Yes, you heard it right. All you need to do is to sell goods that you do not have.

Drop shipping is direct delivery of goods from the supplier to the customer. You can act as a middleman who collects orders from customers and transfers them to the supplier. The supplier sends the products directly to customers on your behalf. Once you have delivered, you earn the difference between the supplier’s price and the price at which you sold the product to the customer.

Repair of Household Appliances

You can repair household appliances and offer your services to customers. For a fee, go to the office or client’s home and restore the working capacity of the equipment. You have to be good at your craft before a client can trust you in this type of business.

Private Fitness Trainer

Fitness is a very important aspect of healthy living. If you have a skill in fitness training, you can help people to lose weight, become fitter, and offer individual training. Over time, you could start your own standard fitness centre.

Event Organiser

If you are good at event planning and organizing, you can offer to plan and organize a client’s event for a fee. It can be a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a celebration for some special occasion. You should have organizational skills, a certain amount of free time, and the ability to communicate well with people. The list of services ( hall, decoration, musical performance, etc.) is stipulated in advance and prescribed in the contract.

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Organization of Non-standard Tours

You compile an interesting, unique travel route that differs as much as possible from standard tourist tours, and offer it to the client. He buys a ticket and you deal with all the organizational issues and help him throughout the trip.

Non-standard tourism has recently become a very popular small-scale business in Ghana. There are always customers who like active rest. Minimal investments, experience in the field of tourism, and organizational skills are required for the success of such a business.

Creation and Promotion of Websites

In the 21st century, most purchases and sales are carried out via the Internet. Sellers can reach a wider audience this way. You can find customers who need to create and advertise a website. Sign the contract and execute the order.

Earnings in Affiliate Programs

The essence of this lucrative business in Ghana with small capital is to advertise other people’s goods or services and to receive a commission from the transaction or a fixed amount of money for one client. This business can be built on the Internet and offline. You can earn a lot but you need to work hard, read (how to start affiliate marketing for beginners).

Creation of an Information Website

You can create an information site and earn through advertising. You need to fill it with articles and other useful content, then promote and get a lot of traffic. When the viewership of the site grows you will be able to sell advertising on your project.


You can turn your hobby into an earning tool. If you can knit, make embroidery with beads, products from clay, etc., such products can be successfully sold. Each masterpiece is unique and exclusive. Due to the great demand in almost every city, there are exhibitions and fairs of products created by hand.

Carrier services

Often, organizations have a need for carrier services. It is not profitable to keep employees for such jobs as a staff. Also, carriers are in demand among private individuals, for example, during relocation. You can advertise your services and provide them to everyone.

Selling of Milk from a Barrel

In times of crisis, food prices rise and demand does not fall because people always have to eat. Milk is a staple food. You may buy a barrel of milk and sell in bottles at retail prices.

Chilled Meat Selling

Meat, just like milk is a staple product. And, the separate parts are more expensive than the whole carcass. It’s pretty easy to cut the meat of chicken. The essence of the business idea is to buy whole chilled chicken carcasses, cut them into pieces, produce minced meat and then sell the end products.

Renting of Bicycles

Biking is a wonderful way to relax with family or friends. Some people are not ready to buy such means of transportation but they will gladly rent for a fee.

Sale of Production Wastes and Overdue Products

When the bread is expired, it is often thrown out. But this product can be used as feed for farm animals. The same goes for confectioneries. The essence of this idea is to take such wastes from the factories and sell them to farmers. You could make some buck from this business in Ghana.

Self-service Car Wash

This has no employees – only equipment, water, shampoos and one operator whose duty it is to monitor the shop. Drivers themselves clean their cars using the washing equipment. Because you don’t have to pay salaries to workers, the service turns out to be much cheaper than at usual washes. Those who used to wash their car in a yard may become your client.


An apiary with hives in which bees will collect their honey is required. Really clean honey can be produced. People do not always trust the quality of the honey from shops because it’s not clear where it was collected and what it’s made of. They readily buy this useful product directly from beekeepers.

Manufacture of Furniture at Home

When buying furniture, people usually resort to two options: either they buy a ready-made product or make a personal order. For the latter, the choice of shapes, sizes, and colors is so wide that no store will be able to provide the needed assortment. That’s why almost anyone can do such business. You should simply be ready to understand the specifics of furniture production.


Do you have extensive knowledge and experience and would like to pass them on to others? Are you fluent in foreign languages, good at math or physics? Become a teacher! You can start working successfully in this area as a tutor and perhaps a director of a professional training center.

We hope that the information about these small business ideas was useful for you. Start your business today and good luck!

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