How to Find Wells Fargo Auto Loan Number

After your Wells Fargo auto loan has been approved, you need to track the installments that you have paid. However, this can be a difficult process, especially if you have more than one active loan with Wells Fargo.

How to Find Wells Fargo Auto Loan Number

Similarly, some loan facilitators find it hard to track each loan they have issued. The 10-digit loan account number reduces complexity for both parties. With your loan account number, you can check your loan status, and pay EMIs.


What is a Loan Account Number?

A loan account number is a unique number issued by your bank to your loan account when your loan request is approved and the loan account is created. Every approved loan account has a unique series of account numbers.

If you have taken two or more loans from the same bank, each of them has a different loan account number. Furthermore, Banks keep track of all the loans they have approved using the loan account number which is unique for every loan account.

Benefits of Loan Account Number

The loan account number has numerous benefits as it helps you manage your loan, check your loan status, and pay EMIs. You also need your loan account number whenever you are repaying your loan.

Additionally, your loan account number is important when you need any other help or service regarding your loan. Without it, you cannot get assistance from your bank with your queries.

Also, if you need to update any personal information for your loan account, you will need your loan account number to proceed with the changes. In general, your loan account number is needed to manage your loan account.

How to Find Wells Fargo Auto Loan Number

There are several ways to check your Wells Fargo auto loan account number. Below are some of the verified ways of checking your Wells Fargo auto loan number.

1. Check Your Loan Statement

You can find your 10-digit loan number in the loan statement issued by Wells Fargo. The statement will also have information regarding the EMIs you paid and the remaining balance amount.

On your statement, you can locate your loan account number at the top center of the statement in the area marked Account Number. The second location is on the tear-off payment coupon on the right side above the due date.

2. Log in to Wells Fargo Auto Loan Website or App

You can also check your loan account number by logging into your Wells Fargo auto loan account on the customer login section of the bank’s website or mobile banking app.

3. Call Your Wells Fargo Customer Care Number

You can get information and help regarding your loan by calling Wells Fargo’s toll-free customer helpline number. If you have applied for a loan from Wells Fargo Bank, you can call on the bank’s loan helpline number 1-800-289-8004, between 5:00 AM and 7.00 PM pacific time on all working days, except bank holidays. You can call to know your loan account number or for any other query regarding your loan with Wells Fargo Bank.

4. Visit Any Branch of Wells Fargo Bank

You can carry your bank details to the branch from where you got the auto loan. Present the details to the bank’s officer. After verification, the officer will provide you with your loan account number.


The loan account number is an essential detail that you know. Using your loan account number, you can track your EMIs, check the amount you’ve paid, and make better financial decisions. Now that you know what is a loan account number and how important it is for your loan details, ensure you remember to keep it safe.


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