University of Ghana Deferment of Studies

Are you a student at the University of Ghana and you want to defer your study programme? Below is the UG Legon deferment of programme procedures for all registered students of the university.

University of Ghana Deferment of Studies

Were you admitted to a course or programme, but circumstances have since occurred that make it impossible for you to start? You can begin your studies at a later time by applying for a deferment.

The deferment process is an official process. In order to apply for a deferment, you must have a certain type of reason for your request, for example, illness, caring for a child or other related factors.

How to Apply for University of Ghana Deferment of Studies

A student who wishes to interrupt his/her study programme should apply to his/her Dean of Faculty, through the Director of Academic Affairs, stating reasons why he/she wants to interrupt his/her study programme.

Any student who does not go through the approved procedures before interrupting his/ her studies shall be deemed to have abandoned his/her studentship.

NOTE: The University has a deadline for deferment of studies for every academic year.

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  1. Davida Magdalene Serwah is my name with the student I’d number (10948071). I humbly write to seek for permission to defer my course for this academic year 2022/2023 due to inadequate funds and also prepare myself both academically and financially for the next academic year 2023/2024.I will be glad if my request is being granted. Contact:0546216212.

  2. With the greatest respect, my name is agezo Kennedy with the student id (11352543) I live in Kasua. I applied for bachelor of arts at your prestigious university, and my application was accepted on 22nd December, 2022 however, owing to an unlike course I will like to defer from the University for this academic year, 2022/2023.

    As a result, I respectfully request that you grant me the required of your fee percentage as stated on the admission letter.

    I suppose I will be given an opportunity for my letter.
    Thank you .

    Yours truly
    Agezo Kennedy

  3. I am a first year Business administration student.I will have to leave the country for Arabic Studies.I want to know all legal procedures for déférai of course

  4. i am a first year student in this institution but ihave travelled to canada for a permanent stay and i want to continue schooling here so i wanted to ask what are the neccessary steps for me to quit this institution and the process for me to start schooling here?

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