UEW-LMS Online Registration Procedures for 2019/2020 First Sandwich Session

The management wishes to inform the 2019/2020 first session sandwich students that all teaching and learning activities, which will commence on 26th July, 2020 will be conducted through the online UEW Moodle platform. Accordingly, all lectures and other academic interactions will be conducted on the Moodle platform.


Management, through the UEW-LMS Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (ULMEC) will roll out series of online orientation exercises (webshops) to facilitate easy access for registration and participation in the online lectures and activities.

The ability of students to access the UEW-LMS for lectures and other online interactions shall depend on full payment of fees and registration. This process for accessing sandwich lectures applies to both fresh and continuing students. The following procedures have been laid out for registration and access to the UEW Moodle platform:

  1. All sandwich students should check the fee schedule made available on the University website.  Fresh students would find the applicable fees on their admission letters.
  1. Students would be required to pay their fees at any of the UEW Partner Banks and receipts would be issued.
  1. Students would then be required to scan their receipts into a PDF version and save with their index numbers/names and forward the scanned PDF formatted receipts to their respective Heads of Department.
  1. Email addresses have been generated for each sandwich participating Department where the scanned receipt should be submitted. The generated email addresses for the respective Departments have been purposely designed for the submission of receipts of payments.
  1. Heads of Department would then collate the PDF versions of the students receipts and send them to the IT Directorate via email at [email protected].
  1. The Student Records Office (SRO) will verify and authenticate records of payments and registration with the IT Directorate.
  1. The IT Directorate would, subsequently, give each student access to the UEW-LMS portal after all payment receipts have been received and verified.

Management wishes to inform all first session sandwich students that they would  have access to the orientation segment of the UEW-LMS whether they have paid their fees or not. As part of the orientation exercises, students can log in as guests to access the orientation which provides a guide on how to access and utilise the UEW-LMS portal.

Orientation materials would be available for the duration of the sandwich session for students to get updates and follow instructions on accessing and participating in the UEW Moodle platform.

Thank you.

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