UDS Cut Off Points For 2022/2023 Admissions

UDS Cut Off Points  – The University for Development Studies (UDS) Cut Off Points for 2022/2023 academic year has been released.

UDS Cut Off Points

The Management of the University for Development Studies (UDS) has released the admission cut off points for the 2022/2023 academic session.

The University for Development Studies Cut off Points 2022 is very important in gaining admission process into the University. Candidates seeking admission into the University for Development Studies must meet the cutoff point before being considered for admission.

UDS Cut Off Points 2022/2023 For Admissions


Details of the University of University for Development Studies, UDS Cut off points 2022/2023: These cut-off points are only to guide us and hence are not fixed.

i. SSSCE/WASSCE Holders (for Degree Programmes)

SSSCE/WASSCE holders seeking admission into Degree programmes must have at least C6 (WASSCE candidates) or D (SSSCE candidates) in all their three Core and three Elective Subjects.

WASSCE holders who have Grade D7 or E8 or F9 in any one of their three Core or three Elective subjects are advised not to apply for a degree programme.

Also, SSSCE holders who have either Grade E or Grade F in any of their three Core or three Elective Subjects are advised not to apply for a degree programme.

Candidates should therefore possess, at least, credit scores/grades in the following:

  • Three core subjects (English Language, Mathematics (Core) and Integrated Science / Social Studies).
  • Any three elective subjects in the relevant programmes.
  • Aggregate Score of the best six subjects (three core and three electives) must not exceed 36 (for WASSCE scale) and 24 (for SSSCE scale). However, admissions will be on competitive basis, and various programmes offered in UDS have their cut-off points much lower than aggregate 36 for WASSCE (and 24 for SSSCE).
  • Candidates should note that Social Studies is not an elective subject.
  • For candidates who read Arts and Business subjects at SSSCE/WASSCE, a grade in Social Studies may be used in place of the grade in IntegratedScience in the calculation of their aggregates if the Social Studies grade is better than the grade in Integrated Science. This is however on condition that the candidate has at least a pass in Integrated Science.
  • For Science students, however, Social Studies (Core) does not replace Integrated Science (Core) in the calculation of candidates’ aggregates.

ii. SSSCE/WASSCE Holders (for Diploma Programmes)

Candidates who do not meet the requirements for Degree programmes in UDS are advised to apply for any one of the Diploma programmes (Diploma in Integrated Community Development, Diploma in Integrated Business Studies, and Diploma in Development Management all of which are offered at the Wa Campus; Diploma in Development Education is offered in Tamale Campus; Diploma in Statistics and Diploma in Computer Science are both offered in Navrongo Campus)

  • To be admitted into a Diploma programme, five credits passes in English Language and Mathematics plus credit passes in any three other subjects in SSSCE/WASSCE is required. Any candidate without a credit pass in English Language and Mathematics (core) need not apply for the Diploma. It is not likely that all candidates with the minimum requirements for Diploma programmes will be admitted. Preference will be given to candidates who have good grades/credit passes.Candidates, who have met the requirements for Degree programmes (Credits in three electives and three core subjects), but have aggregates that are not good enough (aggregates of 33-36 for WASSCE) to ensure them admissions into Degree programmes, are advised to apply for the Diploma programmes.

iii. HND and other Diploma Holders Seeking Admission into Degree Programmes

HND and other Diploma applicants seeking admission to Degree programmes should possess at least a:

1. Second Class (Upper Division) or First Class in the relevant area would be admitted to Level 300;

2. Second Class Lower or better in related programmes would be admitted into Level 200;

3. Third Class or Pass would be considered for admission to Level 100.

  • Candidates would be required to pass a selection interview to be conducted by the University. The interviews are scheduled for Friday June 26, 2015, at the Tamale Campus

Mature Applicants


(This is applicable to only programmes under Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS), Faculty of Education (FOE), School of Business and Law (SBL), and Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM); and also the BSc Mathematical Science Option in the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (FMS).

Eligible applicants for the Mature Entry must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 25 years or above by August 31, 2015
  • Have passes in five G.C.E.‘O’ Level subjects including English Language, Mathematics/Statistics and Science.
  • Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) holders must have credit or better (A to D) in English Language and Mathematics (Core) plus any other passes in three elective subjects. (For candidates wishing to pursue Mathematical Science courses, the elective subjects should include Elective Mathematics).
  • West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE ), holders must have credit or better (A1 to C6) in English Language and Mathematics (Core) plus any other passes in three elective subjects. (For candidates wishing to pursue Mathematical Science courses, the elective subjects should include Elective Mathematics).
  • Candidates would be expected to write and pass both a selection examination (Thursday June 25, 2015) and interview (Friday June 26, 2015) to be conducted by the University at the Tamale Campus.
  • Only candidates who obtain satisfactory marks in the selection examinationand interview will be admitted to pursue the degree programme.

1. Registered Nurses

Applicants to the 3-Year BSc Nurse Practitioner programme or 2/3-Year BSc Nursing programme must be Registered Nurses with a Diploma or State Registered Nurses Certificate and at least three years working experience. Candidates without three years working experience are advised not to apply.

For the BSc Nurse Anaesthesia programme, candidates should have one of the following: RGN (Diploma) with a minimum of 3 years post-registration working experience, RGN (BSc Nursing) with 2 years post-registration working experience and Advanced Diploma in Nurse Anaesthesia with 2 years working experience

2. Calculation of Aggregates

For the avoidance of doubt, the University for Development Studies has adopted the WASSCE system for computation of final aggregates. Equivalences are as follows:

A A1 1
B B2 2
C B3 3
D C4 4
——- C5 5
——– C6 6


  1. Can I offer Physician Assistant in your noble institution with this grade
    Biology c5
    Chemistry B3
    Physics c5
    E-maths B3
    Core maths B2
    English c4
    Social B2
    Integrated science A1

  2. Can i offer diploma in development education
    History -B3
    Twi -C6

  3. Can I please apply for degree nursing or public health with this;
    Social B3
    Integrated Science C6
    Mathematics B2
    English C5
    Biology C4
    Food and Nutrition A1
    Management in living A1
    French B2

  4. Please can I offer Bsc Physician Assistant with,
    English B2
    Maths B2
    Science B3
    Elective Maths B2
    Biology B3
    Chemistry C5

  5. SOCIAL A1
    Integrated science A1
    Core maths A1
    English B2
    Chemistry A1
    E maths A1
    Physics B3
    Biology B3
    Can I offer medicine please?

  6. Please can I offer medicine with grades
    Social A1
    Core maths A1
    Intergrated science A1
    Elective maths A1
    Chemistry B3
    Physics B3
    Biology C4
    English C6

  7. Can I offer computer science with
    Maths B3
    Science B2
    English C4
    Social A1
    Geography A1
    Government À1
    IRS B3
    Ecnomics C6

  8. Please can I offer physician assistant PA
    So. -A1
    En. -C6
    Math core-A1
    nt. -B2
    Math elect. -A1
    Bio. -B3
    Chem. – B2
    Phys.- B2

  9. Please can I offer Degree in development Education with this grade below
    Social studies B3
    English language C5
    Mathematics (core)B3
    Integrated Science C5
    Business Management C6
    Financial Accounting C6
    Economics C6
    Elective Mathematics D7

  10. Can I offer computer science with this grades in your noble institution?
    Social E8
    Core Maths C6
    Geography E8
    History C6
    Economics C6
    Science E8
    Literature E8
    English is still on with-held

  11. Please I want to do midwifery and my grades are
    English C-6
    Maths B-3
    Science B-3
    Social B-3
    Economics B-3
    Geography B-3
    Government B-2
    History B-3

  12. Can I apply medicine with my grades;English-B3,core maths-A1,Int.sci-A1,social studies-A1,Biology-B2,E-math-B2,chemistry-B2,Physics -A1

  13. Please here are my grades
    English 4
    S.studies 5
    Private ( maths ) 3
    Electives subject
    B.mgt 3
    C.Accounting 1
    Economic 6
    Total aggregate 22

    I am a business student and can I apply with this grades to University of Ghana for any programs

  14. Can i offer biochemistry in your noble institution with the following grades?
    Core maths B3
    English C6
    Inter. Sci B3
    Social B3
    Biology B3
    Chemistry A1
    Physics C4
    Elective maths D7

  15. I am a graduate from uds,studied applied biology with a second upper class can I apply for the nursing anaesthesia

  16. Please I had c6 in English,c6 in social, f9in maths ,e8 in science,c6 in government,b3in economics f9in geography,f9in islamic,can I get any diploma course to offer

  17. English language-C6 mathematics-B3 science-D7 social studies-E8 C.R.S B2 economics-C6 government-d7 history-E8 please can I get admission if i want to offer political science

  18. Can I offer biochemistry with this grade
    Core -maths -B3
    Physics- B2

  19. English B3
    Inter Science A1
    Core Math A1
    Social B3
    Physics B3
    Biology B3
    Elective Math B3
    Chemistry C4
    Please with this can I offer Physician assistantship or Bsc Nursing in your noble institution

  20. Inter science A1
    Elective maths A1
    Biology A1
    Physics B2
    Chemistry B2
    Core maths B2
    English B3
    Social B3
    Can I offer medicine in your noble institution

    • You can’t get medicine. Your total aggregate is 10. Medicine cut off point is 07. Maybe you can try the fee paying option available.

    • Please can I offer Nursing with this grades
      SOCIAL -B2
      ENGLISH -C6
      MATHS -C5


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