Tri-Continental Teacher Education Fellowship 2020

Tri-continental Teacher Training (TTT) is an exchange programme among three Universities: University of Education, Winneba, GhanaUniversity of Hamburg, Germany, and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA.  The purpose of TTT is to foster the professional development of budding teachers/teacher educators and offer them international exposure through collaboration and partnerships.

The participants of the programme will navigate new linguistic and cultural spaces and education systems, which will offer them opportunities to be better prepared to deal with uncertainty. The programme capitalizes on those experiences as a basis for reflection and learning.


The programme is open to all graduate students of University of Education, Winneba, pursuing programmes in Education. Specific eligibility include:

  1. Must be a postgraduate student pursuing a regular programme in Education at any of the campuses of UEW.
  2. Must have completed first year of the programme by July 5, 2020.
  3. Must show an interest in international friendships and collaborations
  4. Must have good academic records
  5. Should be committed to being a worthy ambassador for UEW at the international level.

Tri-Continental Teacher Education Fellowship

The project will enable participants to experience education in intercultural contexts. By exposing future educators to other cultures and encouraging them to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions, it aims to boost professionalism in teacher training studies. Specifically, participants get to observe, analyze, and discuss lessons, educational systems, and didactic methods in Ghana, Germany, and North Carolina.

These experiences are intended to help them prepare for their work in diverse classrooms. The project will give participants an opportunity to reflect on their preconceptions about other educational systems and expand their knowledge and skills. They will explore topics and challenges they are likely to encounter in their future career. Participants will also hone their academic skills by participating in a group-based research project.

Successful applicants will be paired with German partners (buddies) with whom they will collaborate on mini projects. They will also participate in Seminars (September – December, 2020) in preparation to hosting partners from Germany who will spend 4 weeks at UEW in February 2021. Following this, Ghanaian students in the programme will travel to Hamburg, Germany in the summer of 2021, to participate in a cross-cultural exchange programme. To read more about the Tri-Continental Teacher Training  programme, visit:

How to Apply for Tri-Continental Teacher Education Fellowship

  1. Interested graduate students should fill an application form online via this link:
  2. In addition, applicants are to submit the following as an email attachment to [email protected]
    1. A letter of motivation describing your personal ambitions, how this programme will be helpful and what you hope to contribute to the programme (Maximum 500words)
    2. Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    3. Evidence of Academic excellence (Transcripts preferred – undergraduate transcript will be accepted if postgraduate ones are not readily available)
    4. Contact of two referees ( Should be Senior Members in your department who can testify and vouch for your commitment)
  3. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed before final selection is done.

Application Deadline:

Monday, 6th July, 2020

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