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Did you know that you can now request for Rutgers University transcript online? Gone are the days when you have to visit the school to apply for a Rutgers transcript. In this guide, you’ll learn how to request for Rutgers transcript online via

Rutgers Transcript Request

The University Information Services (UIS) has developed an online transcript request and management service for use by current students and alumni of the University for their academic transcript requests.

Interestingly, transcripts can be generated in the form of hardcopy for self-pickup by the applicant or courier service, as indicated by the applicant, or softcopy which is sent to the applicants provided mail. You can request both official and unofficial copy transcripts on the same system. Both types of transcripts are available through the Office of the Register.



What is an Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript is a comprehensive record of your academic progress, including transfer courses, credit earned by exams, and earned degrees.

Usually, they do not bear the seal of the university and are only available to currently enrolled students of Rutgers University students.

What is an Official Transcript

An official transcript represents your academic record at Rutgers–Newark and has the official Rutgers University watermark and the signature of the registrar. Official transcripts are printed on security paper that has watermark safety mechanisms. If you photocopy, scan, or fax an official transcript, you will render the official transcripts void.

Current students, former students and alumni, and RBHS (Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences-former UMDNJ) students may request an official transcript at

Rutgers Transcript Request Requirments

Before you request a transcript, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Current students need a NetID to log in and make a request.
  • Former students and alumni need their RUID number, or their Social Security Number and date of birth. If you do not know your RUID number, retrieve it from
  • RBHS students need their student ID beginning with “A,” or Social Security Number and date of birth. Note: The appropriate RBHS registrar will process and send the transcript.

Note: Transcripts for the summer session are available only after the entire summer session has been completed and all grades submitted for the entire session. Individual summer term grade reports are not available.

How to Request for Rutgers Transcript Online

To get started with your transcript request, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Visit the Rutgers transcript request application portal:
  • Select “current students” for an unofficial transcript or “Alumni/Former Students” for an official transcript.
  • Provide the necessary information that is applicable to your request.

Delivery Options for Official Transcript

There are three ways in which you can receive your official transcript from Rutgers University.

Electronic Copy

Request an electronic official transcript by going to  If a form (for example, AMCAS, LSAT, etc.) needs to be included with the transcript, please have this ready to include in your request.


Paper Copy and by Mail

Request an official transcript by going to In the “Special Instructions” section, indicate where you want your official transcript to be sent.

If a form (for example, AMCAS, LSAT, etc.) needs to be included with the transcript, please submit the form here:

By Pick Up

Request an official transcript by going to Under “Delivery Options,” select which campus you would like to pick up the transcript from.


Rutgers Transcript Processing Time

The processing time for official transcripts differs. However, it takes about three to five business days for all processing from the date the Office of the Registrar, Rutgers-Newark, received your request.

International requests can take up to three weeks to receive an official transcript by postal mail. Unfortunately, the university doe not email official and unofficial transcripts, and instant transcripts are not available.

Rutgers Transcript Request Fees

  • Currently enrolled students can receive two free paper transcripts during any portion of the academic year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31). Each additional paper transcript request will be charged a fee of $7.
  • Former students and alumni will be charged a fee of $10 requested electronically or $7 requesting traditional paper for each official transcript ordered.
  • Veterans and active military are not charged for transcripts.


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