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Looking for ways to access the Richland 2 Parent portal? You are in the right place. The Richland 2 Parent Portal provides a secure gateway to a variety of online services provided to Richland School District 2.

Richland 2 Parent Portal

In this article, you’ll find information on how to access your Richland 2 Parent portal for parents. You can access a parent portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week to manage your academic records. The portal is secure, confidential and easy to use.

Benefits of the Portal

Parent Portal gives parents confidential access through PowerSchool to your child’s grades, class and bus assignments, attendance and other information.

Richland 2 Parent Portal

Parents can go to the link ( This will bring up the Parent Portal login screen with instructions to Create an Account and a “Learn More” link for more information, or they can Sign In if they already have an account.

To gain access to the site;

  • You must first create an Account.

NOTE: The Username cannot be an email address. The username cannot have any symbols either.

Student Name: First Last

Instructions for Access ID and Access Password

Access ID will be the student’s ID number (either 12 or 5 digits) that can be found on their most recent report card or current schedule.

* Access Password will be the student’s birthday, Using 6 digits without dashes or
slashes. Example 02/16/1994 will be 021694.

Relationship: Parent Relationship To Student

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