Rancard Recruitment for VP of Product

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Rancard Recruitment for VP of Product.

Job Description

  • Company: Rancard
  • Location: Ghana
  • State: 
  • Job type: Full-Time

Title of position: VP of Product

Business Unit: Product Development

Reports Directly to Chief Executive Officer, General Manager

Expected Start Date: June 2019


Rancard enables global brands to connect with relevant audiences via AI-powered conversational discovery and activity-based predictive engagement.

Rancard’s products are used all over the world by individuals in more than 64 languages and enterprises in more than 12 countries across four continents.

Rancard seeks to recruit a product leader who can inspire, coordinate and deliver on our product technology goals and ambitions.

The leader:

You thrive in fast-paced, startup-like environments, and love collaborating with small teams to conceptualize, design, develop and deliver software technology to market.

You are unrelenting in your quest for industry-defining quality and your ability to manage people and productivity is coupled with a deep understanding of the evolution of technology and developing insights on the future.

You take a pragmatic approach to turn great technology into relevant products which delight customers.

You are happiest when your passion for technology blends with your uncanny ability to problem solve.

You love knowing that your team’s output impacts (or will impact) millions of users around the world every single day, capturing value for the company on significant financial returns.


In this role, you will work closely with the leadership of the company to refine or define the winning proposition based on insights on market opportunities aligned with the mission and vision.

This position combines market savviness, customer orientation, product/solution conceptualization, software design and architecture, technical and people leadership.

In this role, you will lead both market engagement as well as engineering functions in delivering the winning proposition, measured by practical customer success that translates to the company’s bottom line targets.

You will lead a highly results-oriented and target-driven environment, where meeting and exceeding deadlines is crucial.

Desired Skills & Attributes

  • Strong engineering principles, computer science and software product development fundamentals. A leader who digs in and works side-by-side with your team; highly accountable, hands-on and always pushing the bar higher for yourself and the team
  • Deep empathy for the customer – understands the customer need intimately through hands-on engagement in the customer’s environment, developing insights and translating to product features that deliver customer success
  • Ability to develop broad competitor analysis in determining a winning proposition for the company across markets (management context not limited by geography, language, demographics, etc.)
  • A flexible thinker who can deploy a range of methodologies and tools and is open to new approaches and solutions; highly resourceful, gets results within constraints
  • Execution focused, process and results-oriented, measurements bias: sets achievable but challenging targets with empirical measures and milestones and gets the entire team to understand, buy into and be motivated to achieve
  • Excellent team builder: you bring together diverse and highly functioning teams that are responsive and collaborative. Your management style develops leaders, holds teams accountable, challenges them to achieve more and rewards them based on results. People want to follow you
  • You actively generate customer feedback and utilize data metrics, analysis indicators to create a rapid response to drive customer success
  • Great presentation skills: can implement visual/graphical, data and other communication objects to deliver clear, compelling and convincing presentations both internally and externally
  • Stickler for detail: clear writing, good grammar, savvy with numbers and modeling, consistent in reporting and analysis
  • Highly responsive: answers/responds to requests by email, chat other relevant means without undue delay both with internal and external stakeholders
  • Deep sense of integrity in all aspects of work and life


  • Ideally 3 or more years of broad experience leading software engineering organizations in developing technology, building enterprise and consumer applications and platforms
  • You have built and led development teams, recruiting talent and outside consultants as necessary, working with senior management, field colleagues and customers to implement winning products & user experiences
  • You’ve built applications and platforms that run at the scale of large enterprises or high volume consumer offerings, deployed on high-reliability SaaS environments with a complex data component
  • Scale-up savvy! You’ve taken an idea from an early stage and scaled up to significant commercial volume
  • You’ve coordinated projects with team members across multiple time zones
  • You have executed/ability to execute in these areas: SaaS, mobile apps, cloud services, UX/UI design, social networking, object databases, graph databases, AI-NLP, ML
  • A fast learner, you stay up to date on relevant and new technologies, build new competencies through self-learning


  • Rigorous degree(s) from a reputed university(ies) in computer science, engineering, related fields including artificial intelligence and data science disciplines
  • Knowledge and competence of agile development principles

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants send to Click here to apply.

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