NSS Upper West Regional Office Contact

Ghana National Service Scheme, NSS Upper West Regional Office Contact. NSS office in Upper West region, their district, telephone number, opening hours, e-mail address, postal address.

Welcome to the page of the UPPER WEST Regional Office of the Ghana National Service Scheme. You can find here the Regional and all the District Directors and their contacts in the region.


Regional Director: Silas Nantogma

Administrator:   Bati Joseph

Email: [email protected]

Office is located in the premises of the Regional Coordinating Council

Tel (+233)038 2022297 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

Issaiah Oliver TamboWa MunicipalWa
Alexander Bawa AzureSissala WestGwollu
 Abdul Sallam MurtadaSissala EastTumu
 Adam Abdul-RahmanLawraLawra
 Sa-Adu MisiriJirapaJirapa
Kyaano ReginaLambussie KarniLambussie
Fangaje Gordon KugoriworWa WestWenchiau
Kwadan-Naab Stephen NadowliNadwoli
Wa EastFunsi

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  1. I am working at St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital upper West Reg., as a permanent staff nurse.,but l have been posted to WA REGIONAL HOSPITAL to work . Please am begging if you could kindly repost me to my place of work to enable my Human Resource Personnel to validate me because my husband is in school. Nobody will be there to take care of my children.

  2. Please my name Augustine was misspelled like this Augestine and I requested for change at the WA regional office but it’s still like that.

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