NO Entrance Examination for Newly Posted Teachers – Education Minister

NO Entrance Examination for Newly Posted Teachers

NO Entrance Examination for Newly Posted Teachers

NO Entrance Examination for Newly Posted Teachers

The nationwide president of National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Christian Addae Opoku says he has been informed by the Education Minister that teachers won’t be writing entrance exams when posted to start their work as professional teachers.

According to him, Matthew Opoku Prempeh told him he hasn’t yet received any information from the National Teaching Council which will be actually compelling teachers to write entrance exams and has also not heard an announcement by a personnel of the NTC that it is intending to implement such policy.
Meanwhile, the story has been widely circulating around the angles of media tying many onto the rope of major talking points.
However, Christian Addae is of the view that a different method could be adopted to license teachers rather than the entrance exams.

“Not only entrance exams could be used to register teachers, the appraisal system could also be used as it has been suggested by NAGRAT”, he said.
About the piloting, he said its a good strategy by the Ministry of Education which would help enhance the professionalism and competence of teachers.

“Piloting is something important…… its not license or exams they would be piloting but rather the competences which is expected of every teacher and it is really going to help a lot” he answered when quizzed.

Story: Bilson Solomon


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