Leatherman Grant Program 2018 | Up to $100,000

Calling all fixers, tinkerers and innovators! Applications are open for the Leatherman Grant Program 2018. The Leatherman grant program provides funding for not-for-profit organizations who are solving problems and paving the way for change. Apply now to turn passion into a solution and move the world forward.


Leatherman Grant Program

The Leatherman Grant program exists to unleash world-bettering potential. Getting started is always the hardest, but one break is all you need. Let’s do it together and change the world. Calling all fixers, tinkerers and innovators! They’re awarding $100,000 to not-for-profit around the world who are paving the way for change through innovative ideas.



Leatherman intends to award a total of $100,000 USD divided in grant award increments of $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000 to Applicants as determined by the Grant Award Committee. Leatherman reserves the right not to award all the grant funding or to award amounts in excess of the increments identified above

Eligibility for Leatherman Grant Program 

  • Program is open to not-for-profits around the world
  • Organizations must be formed and operated for charitable, educational or scientific purposes that qualify as not-for-profit organizations in their country of incorporation (e.g. 501(c)3 entity in the United States or equivalent outside of the United States that are not affiliated with any religious group, church or religious organization or political or lobbying campaign.
  • The individual submitting an Application on behalf of his or her organization must be at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in their country of residence.
  • Note that no more than one grant award will be provided for an Application.

How to Apply for Leatherman Grant Program 

Complete the PDF application and email it, along with any additional materials you’d like them to review (such as a brochure, video, etc.), to [email protected].

The potential finalists will be notified according to contact information provided by the entrants at the time of entry on or about [October 10, 2018].

Download the application form.

For more information, visit Leatherman Grant.


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