Kumasi Technical University School Fees 2022/2023

Kumasi Technical University School Fees Schedule 2022/2023: Kumasi Technical University School Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Year. The Kumasi Technical University School fees schedule contains the total amount payable by both Ghanaian and Foreign students for all ND and HND programmes.


Kumasi Technical University School Fees Schedule

www.kstu.edu.gh fees: Below Is the Official Kumasi Technical University (KSTU) Fees schedule to be paid by each undergraduate student respectively for the academic session.


The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at Kumasi Technical University (KSTU). The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice to the student. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.


Kumasi Technical University School Fees Schedule.

Below is the Kumasi Technical University School Fees Schedule for the 2022/2023 academic year.

ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1Access in BTech Chemical Engine 22/231,256
2BTech Agricultural Mechanizatio 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
3BTech Automotive Engineering-Re 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
4Bsc. Chemical Engineering-Regu 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
5BTech Electrical and Electronic 21/222,6642,2862,2862,212
6BTech Mechanical Engineering-Re 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
7BTech Oil and Gas Engineering-R 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
8HND Chemical Engineering-Regula 22/232,2121,8351,760
9HND Civil Engineering-Regular 22/232,2121,8351,760
10HND Electrical and Electronic E 21/222,2121,8351,760
11HND Mechanical Engineering(FULL 22/232,2121,8351,760
12BTech Chemical Engineering (Top up) 22/232,5582,4192,4191,453
13BTech Civil Engineering-Regular 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
14BTech Electrical and Electr (top up) 22/232,6212,2862,2862,212
15HND Electrical and Electron (2) TOP UP 22/232,0691,7861,786
16btech metallurgy and material engineering 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
17btech metallurgy and material engineering top up 22/232,6212,2862,2862,212
18btech heating, ventilation & air conditioning engineering 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
19bsc building services engineering2,6642,2862,2862,212
20btech automotive engineering 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
21btech plant engineering 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
22btech manufacturing engineering 22/232,6642,2862,2862,212
23HND Mechanical Engineering Automotive 22/232,2121,8351,760
24HND Mechanical Engineering Plant 22/232,2121,8351,760
25HND Mechanical Engineering Production 22/232,2121,8351,760
26Construction Technician Course 1111,916
27Access in BTech Electrical Engine 22/232,137
28HND Mechanical Engineering (Top up)2,1691,8351,760
29BTech Civil Engineering(Top up)2,6212,2862,2862,212
30BTech chemical engineering( top up)2,6212,2862,2862,212
32BTech Mechanical Engineering(top up)2,6212,2862,2861,348
33HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering(top up)2,1691,8351,760
34BTech Automotive Engineering (Top up)2,6212,2862,2861,348
35HND Mechanical Metallurgy and Foundry Technology Engineering2,2121,8351,760
36BTech heating, ventilation & air conditioning engineering(Top up)2,6212,2862,2862,212
37BTech Agricultural Mechanization Engineering(Top up)2,6212,2862,2861,348
38Access in Pre-Engineering Programme 22/232,094
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1BTECH Data Science Regular 2022/232,3271,9491,9491,875
2BTech Environmental Statistics- 2022/232,6382,2602,2602,186
3BTech Financial Statistics (4 YR 2022/232,6382,2602,2602,186
4BTech Food Technology-Regular 22/232,3792,0022,0021,927
5BTech Health Statistics (4 Year 22/23)2,6382,2602,2602,186
6BTech Health Statistics (Top Up 22/232,5952,2602,2602,186
7BTech Hospitality Management an 22/232,3792,0022,0021,927
8Higher Diploma in Health Statis 22/232,1341,7561,682
9HND Computer Science-Regular 22/232,1601,7821,708
10HND Hotel Catering and Institut 22/232,1861,8091,734
11HND Statistics-Regular 22/232,1341,7561,682
12BTech Applied Statistics ( Health TOP UP 22/232,5952,1862,1862,186
13BTech Applied Statistics(Health REGULAR 22/232,6382,2602,2602,186
14BTech Computer Technology (Top 22/23)2,3101,9761,9761,874
15BTech Computer Technology-Regul 22/232,3531,9761,9761,901
16BTech Library and Information 22/232,3271,9491,9491,875
17BTech Library and Informati TOP UP 22/242,2841,8221,8221,822
18HND Industrial laboratory 22/232,1601,7821,708
19Professional diploma Library and Information science2,1601,7821,708
20Professional diploma Library and Information science top up2,1171,7821,708
21HND Hotel Catering and Institutional Management(top up)2,1431,8091,734
22HND Computer Science(Top up)2,1171,7821,708
23BTech applied statistics (finance )Top up2,5952,1862,1862,186
24Higher Diploma in Health Statistics(Top up2,0911,7561,682
25BTech Hospitality Management and catering technology(top up)2,3362,0022,0021,927
26Food Technology2,3792,0022,0021,927
27BTECH Data Science Regular top up 2022/232,2841,9491,9491,875
28BTech Artificial Intelligence2,3271,9491,9491,875
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1BTech Accounting with Computing 22/232,4742,0962,0962,013
2BTech Procurement and Supply Ch 22/232,3081,9301,9301,856
3BTech Secretaryship and Managem 22/232,3291,8981,8981,815
4HND Accounting with Computing-R 22/232,2251,8471,773
5HND Banking Technology and Fina 22/232,2251,8471,773
6HND Marketing-Regular 22/232,1151,7371,663
7HND Purchasing and Supply-Regul 22/232,1151,7371,663
8HND Secretaryship and Managemen 22/232,1361,7581,684
9BTech Accounting with Compu Top Up 22/232,4312,0962,0431,969
10BTech Marketing-Regular 22/232,3081,9301,9301,856
11BTech Procurement and Suppl (2) Top up 22/232,2651,9301,9301,856
12BTech Secretaryship and Man (2) Top Up 22/232,2861,9511,9511,868
13Btech Banking and Finance 22/232,4742,0962,0962,013
14Professional Diploma in Electronic Marketing2,1151,7371,663
15BSc Accountancy with Informatic 22/232,4742,0962,0962,013
16BTech Commmunication Design 22/232,3291,8981,8981,815
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1BTech Building Technology-Regul 22/232,5852,2162,2162,133
2HND Building Technology-Regular 22/232,1341,7561,682
3HND Estate Management-Regular 22/232,1341,7561,682
4HND Interior Design Technology- 22/232,1341,7561,682
5BTech Estate Management (Top Up) 22/232,5422,2162,2162,133
6BTech Building Technology(Top up) 22/232,5422,2162,2162,133
7BTech Archiect Technology-Regul 22/232,5852,2162,2162,133
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1BTech Fashion Design and Textil 22/232,4392,0622,0621,843
2HND Fashion Design and Textile 22/232,2461,8691,794
3BTech Fashion Design and Modell TOP UP REGULAR 22/232,3962,0622,0621,987
4BTech Entrepreneurship (Top Up) 22/232,4832,2402,256
5btech interior design technology 22/232,4392,0622,0621,843
6HND Interior Design Technology2,2461,8691,794
7HND Furniture Design and Production2,2461,8691,794
8HND Fashion Design and Textile studies(top up)2,2031,8691,794
9BTech Fashion Design and Textiles studies(top up2,3962,0622,0621,987
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1BTech Agribusiness with Entrepr 22/232,3521,9491,9661,892
2BTech Entrepreneurship-Regur 22/232,6101,9491,9661,892
3HND Agribusiness and Entreprene 22/232,1591,8211,763
4HND Entrepreneurship and Fi 22/232,1591,8211,763
5BTech Entrepreneurship (Top Up) 22/232,5672,4052,4222,347
6HND Entrepreneurship and Fi top up 22/232,1161,8211,763
7BTech Agribusiness with Entrepr(Top up)2,3091,9491,9661,892
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1BTech Laboratory Technology-Reg 22/232,3792,0022,0021,927
2BTech Medical Laboratory Techno 22/232,3792,0022,0021,927
3BTech Pharmaceutical Sciences-R 22/232,3792,0022,0021,927
4HND Dispensing Technology-Regul 22/232,2021,8241,750
5HND Science and Industrial-Regul 22/232,2021,8241,750
6HND Medical Laboratory Technol-Regul 22/232,2021,8241,750
7BTech Industrial Laboratory 22/232,3792,0022,0021,927
8HND Dispensing Technology(top up)22/232,1591,8241,750
9BTech Pharmaceutical Sciences-top up2,3362,0022,0021,927
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1Access in BTech Building Technology/weekend4,029
2BTech Accounting with Computing top up /evening3,8653,4773,4773,403
3BTech Accounting with Computing (TOP UP)/ weekend3,8653,5303,5302,095
4BTech Accounting with Computing (EVENING)3,9083,5303,5303,447
5BTech Accounting with Computing (WEEKEND)3,9083,5303,5303,447
6BTech Agribusiness with Entrepreneurship- evening3,7863,4263,4433,369
7BTech Applied Statistics ( Health option) (TOP UP)4,0293,5253,5253,525
8BTech Applied Statistics (Finance option) (TOP UP)evening4,0293,6943,6943,620
9BTech Applied Statistics (Environmental option) (TOP UP)4,0293,6943,6943,620
10BTech Applied Statistics (Finance option)4,0723,6943,6943,620
11BTech Applied Statistics(Health option)4,0723,6943,6943,620
12BTech Building Technology (Top up) evening3,9763,6423,6422,161
13BTech Chemical Engineering (Top up)/weekend4,0553,7203,7202,187
14BTech Chemical Engineering-(top up)Evening4,0553,7203,7203,646
15BTech Civil Engineering(Top-Up)/weekend4,0553,7203,7203,646
16BTech Civil Engineering-Evening4,0983,7203,7203,646
17BTech Computer Technology (Top up)-WEEKEND3,7443,4103,4103,335
18BTech Computer Technology (Top up)-EVENING3,7443,4103,4103,335
19BTech Computer Technology-Evening3,7873,4103,4103,335
20BTech Computer Technology- Weekend3,7873,4103,4103,335
21BTech Electrical and Electronic Engineering (TOP UP)-WEEKEND4,0553,7203,7202,209
22BTech Electrical and Electronic Engineering (TOP UP)/evening4,0553,7203,7203,646
23BTech Electrical and Electronic Engineering WEEKEND4,0983,7203,7202,209
24BTech Electrical and Electronic Engineering evening4,0983,7203,7202,209
25BTech Entrepreneurship (Top Up)evening4,0012,4052,4222,347
26BTech Estate Management (Top Up)/ evening3,9763,6993,6993,699
27BTech Fashion Design and Modelling3,8303,4963,4963,421
28BTech Fashion Design and Modelling (TOP UP)-WEEKEND3,8303,4963,4962,119
29BTech Fashion Design and Textile (4 YEAR)-WEEKEND3,8733,4963,4963,421
30BTech Fashion Design and Textile (4 YEAR)-EVENING3,8733,4363,4363,361
31BTech Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (4 YEAR)-WEEKEND3,8133,4363,4363,361
32BTech Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (4 YEAR)-EVENING3,8133,4363,4363,361
33BTech Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (TOP UP)-WEEKEND3,7703,4363,4363,361
34BTech Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (TOP UP)-EVENING3,7703,4363,4363,361
35BTech Library and Information Science/weekend3,7613,3833,3833,309
36BTech Library and Information Science (TOP UP)/weekend3,7183,3093,3093,309
37HND Marketing (Top Up)-Evening3,0522,5682,568
38BTech Marketing (Top Up)-Weekend3,6993,3643,3641,995
39BTech Marketing-Evening3,7423,3643,3643,290
40BTech Marketing-Weekend3,7423,3643,3643,290
41BTech Mechanical Engineering-Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
42Btech Pharmaceutical Sciences( top up) weekend3,7703,4363,4363,361
43Btech Pharmaceutical Sciences weekend3,8133,4363,4363,361
44BTech Procurement and Supply Chain Management (4 YEAR)-WEEKEND3,7423,3643,3643,290
45BTech Procurement and Supply Chain Management (4 YEAR)-EVENING3,7423,3643,3643,290
46BTech Procurement and Supply Chain Management (TOP UP)-WEEKEND3,6993,3643,3643,290
47BTech Procurement and Supply Chain Management (TOP UP)-EVENING3,6993,3643,3643,290
48BTech Secretaryship and Management Studies (4 YEAR)-WEEKEND3,7633,3853,3853,311
49BTech Secretaryship and Management Studies (4 YEAR)-EVENING3,7633,3853,3853,311
50BTech Secretaryship and Management Studies (TOP UP) evening3,7203,3853,3853,311
51HND Accounting with Computing (TOP UP)Evening3,1622,7742,700
52HND Accounting with Computing-Evening3,2052,8272,753
53HND Accounting with Computing-Weekend3,2052,8272,753
54HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering (evening)3,1922,8152,740
55HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering (TOP UP)-EVENING3,1492,8152,740
56HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering (TOP UP)-WEEKEND3,1492,8152,740
57HND Fashion Design and Textile /weekend3,2262,8492,774
58HND Fashion Design and Textile-Evening3,2262,8492,774
59HND Hotel Catering and Institutional Management3,1662,7892,714
60HND Marketing (Top Up)-Evening3,0522,5682,568
61HND Marketing-Evening3,0952,7172,643
62HND Marketing-Weekend3,0952,7172,643
63HND Mechanical Engineering(FULL TIME)/evening3,1922,8152,740
64HND Mechanical Engineering( (Top up)evening3,1922,8152,740
65HND Purchasing and Supply (Top up)/EVENING3,0522,6432,643
66HND Purchasing and Supply-Evening3,0952,7172,643
67HND Purchasing and Supply-Weekend3,0952,7172,643
68HND Secretaryship and Management-Evening3,0952,7382,664
69HND Secretaryship and Management-Weekend3,0952,7382,664
70Access in Btech Electrical Engineering3,527
71BTech Banking and Finance – Evening3,9083,5303,5303,447
72BTech Oil and Gas Engineering- Evening4,0983,6103,6103,619
73HND Mechanical Engineering(Top up) weekend3,1922,8152,740
74BTech Civil Engineering(Top-Up)evening4,0553,7203,7203,646
75HND Computer Science( evening)3,1402,7622,688
76HND Computer Science( weekend)3,1402,7622,688
77BTech Estate Management (Top Up) weekend3,9763,6993,6993,699
78BTech Building Technology (Top up)weekend3,9763,6423,6422,161
79BTech Chemical Engineering (Top up) evening4,0553,7203,7202,187
80BTech Entrepreneurship (Top Up) weekend4,0012,4052,4222,347
81HND Medical Laboratory Technology (evening)3,1822,8042,730
82HND Medical Laboratory Technology (weekend)3,1822,8042,730
83HND Accounting with Computing Top up( 22/23) weekend3,1622,7742,700
84HND Hotel Catering and Institutional Management(Top up)evening3,1232,7892,714
85HND Hotel Catering and Institutional Management( Top up)weekend3,1232,7892,714
86HND Computer science( Top up) evening3,0972,7622,688
87HND Computer science (Top up) weekend3,0972,7622,688
88BTech Applied Statistics(Health option) 22/23 weekend4,0723,6943,6943,620
89BTech Applied Statistics (Finance option) top up 22/23 weekend4,0293,6943,6943,620
90HND Interior Design Technology(evening)3,2262,8492,774
91HND Interior Design Technology(weekend)3,2262,8492,774
92HND Electrical and Electronic weekend 22/233,1922,8152,740
93BTech Civil Engineering-weekend 22/234,0983,7203,7203,646
94BTech data science- evening3,7613,3833,3833,309
95BTech data science- weekend3,7613,3833,3833,309
96BTech Agribusiness with Entrepreneurship- weekend3,7863,4263,4433,369
97BTech Library and Information science- evening3,7613,3833,3833,309
98HND Fashion Design and Textile studies (Top up) -evening3,1832,8492,774
99HND Fashion Design and Textile studies (Top up) -weekend3,1832,8492,774
100BTech Library and Information (top up) evening3,7183,3093,3093,309
101BTech Entrepreneurship- weekend4,0443,4263,4433,369
102BTech Pharmaceutical Sciences- evening ( 22/233,8133,4363,4363,361
103BTech Mechanical Engineering-evening 22/234,0983,6103,6103,619
104BTech Oil and Gas Engineering-Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
105Btech Pharmaceutical Sciences( top up- evening) ( 22/233,7703,4363,4363,361
106BTech Mechanical Engineering Top up -evening4,0553,7203,7202,209
107BTech Mechanical Engineering Top up -weekend4,0553,7203,7202,209
108BTech Secretaryship and Management (top up) weekend3,7203,3853,3853,311
109HND Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship- evening3,1392,8442,787980
110HND Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship- weekend3,1392,8442,787980
111BTech Laboratory Technology-Evening3,8133,4363,4363,361
112BTech Laboratory Technology-Weekend3,8133,4363,4363,361
113BTech Automative Engineering- Evening4,0983,6103,6103,619
114BTech Automative Engineering- Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
115BTech Agricultural Mechanization Engineering-Evening4,0983,6103,6103,619
116BTech Agricultural Mechanization Engineering-Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
117HND Mechanical Engineering(Automotive)-Evening3,1922,8152,740
118HND Mechanical Engineering(Automotive)-Weekend3,1922,8152,740
119BTech Automotive Engineering(Top up)-Evening4,0553,7203,7202,209
120BTech Automotive Engineering(Top up)-Weekend4,0553,7203,7202,209
121BTech Fashion Design and Textiles studies(Top up)-Evening3,8303,4963,4963,421
122BTech Fashion Design and Textiles studies(Top up)-Weekend3,8303,4963,4963,421
123BTech Interior Design Technology-Evening3,8733,4963,4963,421
124BTech Interior Design Technology-Weekend3,8733,4963,4963,421
125BTech Building Services Engineering-Evening4,0983,6103,6103,619
126BTech Building Services Engineering-Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
127Btech Banking and Finance weekend 22/233,9083,5303,5303,447
128BTech Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Engineering- Evening4,0983,6103,6103,619
129BTech Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Engineering- Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
130BTech Manufacturing Engineering-Evening4,0983,6103,6103,619
131BTech Manufacturing Engineering-Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
132BTech Metallurgy and Materials Engineering-Evening4,0983,6103,6103,619
133BTech Metallurgy and Materials Engineering-Weekend4,0983,6103,6103,619
134BTech Plant Engineering-Evening4,0983,7203,7203,646
135BTech Plant Engineering-Weekend4,0983,7203,7203,646
136HND Mechanical Engineering(Plant)-Evening3,1922,8152,740
137HND Mechanical Engineering(Plant)-Weekend3,1922,8152,740
138HND Mechanical Engineering(Production)-Evening3,1922,8152,740
139HND Mechanical Engineering(Production)-Weekend3,1922,8152,740
140HND Mechanical Metallurgy and Foundry Technology Engineering-Evening3,1922,8152,740
141HND Mechanical Metallurgy and Foundry Technology Engineering-Weeknd3,1922,8152,740
142BTech heating, ventilation & air conditioning engineering(Top up)-Evening4,0553,7203,7203,646
143BTech heating, ventilation & air conditioning engineering(Top up)-Weekend4,0553,7203,7203,646
144BTech Agricultural Mechanization Engineering(Top up)-Evening4,0553,7203,7203,646
145BTech Agricultural Mechanization Engineering(Top up)-Weekend4,0553,7203,7203,646
146BTech Metallurgy and Materials Engineering(Top up)-Evening4,0553,7203,7203,646
147BTech Metallurgy and Materials Engineering(Top up)-Weekend4,0553,7203,7203,646
148HND Mechanical Engineering(FULL TIME)/weekend3,1922,8152,740
149BTech data science- evening top up3,7183,3833,3833,309
150BTech data science- weekend top up3,7183,3833,3833,309
151HND Dispensing Technology-Evening3,1822,8042,730
152HND Dispensing Technology-Weekend3,1822,8042,730
153HND Building Technology-Evening3,1142,7362,662
154HND Building Technology-Weekend3,1142,7362,662
155HND Chemical Engineering-Evening3,1922,8152,740
156HND Chemical Engineering-Weekend3,1922,8152,740
157HND Civil Engineering-Evening3,1922,8152,740
158HND Civil Engineering-Weekend3,1922,8152,740
159HND Entrepreneurship and Finance-Evening3,1392,8012,743
160HND Entrepreneurship and Finance-Weekend3,1392,8012,743
161HND Furniture Design and Production- evening3,2262,8492,774
162HND Furniture Design and Production- weekend3,2262,8492,774
163HND Science and Industrial Technology-Evening3,1822,8042,730
164HND Science and Industrial Technology-Weekend3,1822,8042,730
167BTech Fashion Design and Modelling (top up)-Evening3,2262,8492,774
168BTech Fashion Design and Modelling (top up)-Weekend3,2262,8492,774
169Btech Chemical Engineering- EVENING4,0983,7203,7203,646
170Btech Chemical Engineering- WEEKEND4,0983,7203,7203,646
171BSc Accountancy with Inform eve
172BSc Accountancy with Infor week
ProgrammeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1Diploma in Agribusiness and Finance2,7342,232
2Diploma in Agricultural Mechanization Engineering2,7752,323
3Diploma in Automotive Engineering2,7752,323
4Diploma in Banking and Small Business Management2,8442,343
5Diploma in Banking Technology and Accounting2,8442,343
6Diploma in Business Administration2,8442,343
7Diploma in Computerized Accounting2,8442,342
8Diploma in Construction Technology2,7752,323
9Diploma in Education-Weekend2,734
10Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering2,7322,230
11Diploma in Electronic Marketing2,7342,232
12Diploma in Fashion and Textiles studies2,7812,280
13Diploma in Hardware and Networking2,6692,167
14Diploma in Health Statistics-Evening2,6692,167
15Diploma in Hospitality Operation and Management2,7752,323
16Diploma in Information Technology2,6692,167
17Diploma in Library and Information Science2,6692,167
18Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism2,6692,167
19Diploma in Mechanical Engineering2,7752,323
20Diploma in Procurement and Materials Management2,7342,232
21Diploma in Public Relations-Evening2,7342,179
22Diploma in Web Application and Database Management2,6692,167
23Construction Technician course 1 and 112,358
24Advance Diploma in electrical engineering2,6991,356
25professional diploma in procure2,8432,479
26intermediate catering2,3481,999
27Diploma in Business studies (purchasing and supply) 22/232,8442,343
28Diploma in Business studies (marketing) 22/232,8442,343
29Diploma in Business studies (management) 22/232,8442,343
30Diploma in Business studies (secretarial options) 22/232,8442,343
31Diploma in business studies (entrepreneurship) 22/232,8442,343
32Diploma in Business studies (accounting) 22/232,8442,343
33LCM Higher Diploma in Human Resource Development2,6892,203
34professional diploma in Banking Technology and Accounting2,8432,479
35professional diploma in computerised accounting2,8432,479
36professional diploma in Banking and small business management2,8432,479
37professional diploma in Banking Technology and Finance2,8432,479
38Diploma in Banking Technology and Finance2,6892,203
39professional diploma in management science2,8432,479
40professional diploma in library and information science(top up)2,8432,479
41Diploma in Business Studies(Statistics)2,7342,232
42Diploma in Banking Technology and Finance 22/232,8442,343
ProgrammeYear 5Year 6
1MTech Construction Technology- 22/237,8937,236
2MTech Chemical Engineering-Regu7,8937,236
3Mtech Water and Environmental Eng7,8937,236
4Mtech Environmental Statistics7,3686,711
5Mtech Financial Statistics7,3686,711
6Mtech Health Statistics7,3686,711
7Mtech Accounting Information Systems7,3686,711


  1. We don’t know when we are resuming buh the fees is out, can the school kindly alert us on the specific date that we were resuming

    • Please am asked to generate a letter which have been admitted a Btech program but still not getting the proceeds any help please 0541585893 am Richard.
      Kumasi technical university

  2. please how much is the fees for top for Fashion and textiles and i studied diploma in fashion and textiles but i want to have a fair idea of the fees structure


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