List of Courses Offered at Knutsford University College Ghana

The Official List of Courses Offered at Knutsford University College Ghana | Knutsford University Courses offered for admission. This is the list of available courses/programmes offered at the institution and approved by NAB.

 Knutsford University Courses

The following is the list of available undergraduate courses/programmes offered at Knutsford University College that has gained National Accreditation Board (NAB) accreditation.

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Knutsford University Courses

The Knutsford University college offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

Knutsford University College Undergraduate Courses

Knutsford Business School

  • B.Sc Business Administration Marketing
  • B.Sc Business Administration Finance
  • B.Sc Business Administration Accounting
  • B.Sc Business Administration HRM
  • BCom (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Computing

Knutsford School of Science and Technology

  • B.Sc Computer Science
  • B.Sc Information Technology
  • B.Sc Nursing

Knutsford School of Humanities and Education

  • B.Sc Economics
  • BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • BA Psychology and Sociology
  • BA Communication and Media Studies

Knutsford University College Postgraduate Courses

Knutsford School of Graduate Studies and Research

  • MSC Accounting and Taxation
  • MSC Accounting and Finance



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  1. Hello ,please iIwill need more guidelines to your institute,whether you’ve got a long distance learning for some other courses,please

  2. Please I got D7 in Government and I want to offer Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
    Can I get admission??

  3. Please I had D7 in Social Studies,C5 in Core Maths ,C6 in English and for my Electives,I had B3 in C.R.S ,C5 in French and C6 in Government.
    Can I be admitted in B.A Pyschology and Sociology??

  4. Please I have a diploma in accounting from university of Ghana,at what level will be admitted to pursue a degree in Accounting

  5. With my core I had
    Mathematics B2
    Science C4
    Social C6
    English D7
    Economics B2
    Biology B3
    Food and nutrition B2
    Management in living D7

    Can I be admitted for economics or mathematics related course?

  6. Pls for my core I had A1 in Mathematics, B3 in Science, B2 in Social and C5 in English Language and for my Electives I had A1 in French, B3 in CRS ,B3 in History and C6 in Literature ,pls will I be admitted for Nursing

  7. please I had c4 in physics, c6 in English and the rest are b2 and b3 and my core maths is still withheld can I get admission

  8. Please I had c4 in maths c6 in English, c6 in social, d7 in science, b3 in government and b3 in crs please will I be admitted to do nursing,. Please notify me

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