International Community Schools Recruitment 2020

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for International Community Schools Recruitment 2020.

International Community School Ghana (ICS-Ghana) is a world-class institution providing students with an inclusive holistic and international education needed to succeed in college/university and become a public leader.

We educate confident, responsible and engaged learners from pre-school through to high school. Our students take the Cambridge International Exams, IGCSE and the AS/A Level Exams.

Job Description

  • Location: Ghana
  • State: Kumasi & Accra
  • Job type: Full-Time


Job Title: ICT Teacher (Accra, Kumasi)


The school is seeking to recruit energetic and motivated professionals with demonstrated commitment to excellence and child-centered practices to teach ICT at the Secondary Level (A-Level).

The ICT Teacher will provide a balanced curriculum and maintain progress of all class members through the relevant subject at a pace suitable to their age and development and use appropriate skills and techniques of differentiation.

He/She will develop the ICT curriculum so that it continues to be relevant to students’ and teachers’ use of ICT.

Assess students’ work and guide them towards achieving appropriate qualifications according to the IGCSE syllabus or other syllabus agreed with the school.


• To teach in as differentiated away as possible to meet the needs of all pupils.

• To ensure that homework, when given, is marked to provide timely feedback to pupils.

• Mark and evaluate student’s work and write reports.

• To maintain discipline so that the learning objectives of the class and the provisions of the School’s Health and Safety policy are met.

• To ensure that good study habits are developed in the class.

• To work closely with the Learning Support Department in order that the best methods are used for children with a Learning Difference.

• Liaise with parents on the subject

• To take part in the appraisal of his/her own work performance and must be prepared to assist in the appraisal and observation of colleagues where required.

• Will be a key member of the ICT Development Mandate carrying responsibility for effective use of ICT throughout the school.

• To operate within School policies and procedures, including the Code of Conduct, Safeguarding, Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety.

• To ensure as part of the School that reasonable measures are in place to ensure that the risks of harm to children’s welfare are minimized.

• To attend occasional teachers’ conferences, to form a relationship with the children outside the lesson time (for instance, at break time), and to deepen understanding of the young child through study.

• Any other duties reasonably requested by the school.


Method of Assessment
Qualifications & Training

§  BSc. Computer Science
§  MSc. Computer Science
·         Production of the applicant’s Certificates.

·         Discussion at interview.

·         Verification of qualifications.

Experience & Skills
·         A minimum of 3 years relevant teaching experience at the relevant academic level and be competent in the use of ICT to deliver engaging practical lessons

·         Evidence of a commitment to own professional development

·         Ability to contribute to the professional development / mentoring of colleagues, as required

·         Evidence of high achievement in teaching across the age range

·         Able to provide evidence of being a good or outstanding teaching

·         Able to assess pupils’ learning needs and to teach mixed ability pupils within the same class/cohort/group and provide differentiated work to accelerate their progress

·         Able to demonstrate high quality, creative and innovative classroom practice to engage, motivate and inspire pupils

·         Able to use effectively a variety of teaching and learning styles to enhance teaching, including a wide range of ICT resources

·         Able to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively both orally and in writing with children, parents, colleagues, external agencies and Trustees as appropriate
·         Knowledge of current procedures and strategies for raising standards

·         A record of successful achievement in teaching IGCSE and A level students.

·         Evidence of recent

participation in CPD activities.

·         Teaching Technology or an alternative second subject

·         Experience of management and leadership of a curriculum area

·         Experience of providing extra – curricular activities
·         Contents of the application form.

·         Interview.

·         Professional references.



Established and evidenced practice as a good/outstanding teacher
Evidence of:

·         Willingness to participate actively in the life and work of the school to support the ethos and culture, providing presence as and when required.

·         Contents of the application form

·         Interview

·         Professional references

How to Apply

Interested applicants should click HERE to apply.

Job Title: Art Teacher

We educate confident, responsible, and engaged learners from pre-school through to high school. Our students take the Cambridge International Exams, IGCSE, and the AS/A Level Exams.

· Teach knowledge and skills in art, including drawing, painting, lettering, and art history at the Secondary Level.

· Provide instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations and the ability to make qualitative judgments about art.

· Demonstrate techniques in activities such as drawing and painting

· Understand the versatility of acrylic paints: dry brushing, staining, layering, underpainting, mono-printing

· Understand a variety of “masters” techniques

· Knows and can apply elements of design and modern principles of art

· Knows the fundamentals and different approaches to drawing media technique

· Provide individual and small-group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students with varying intellectual and artistic abilities, and to accommodate a variety of instructional activities

· Instruct students in proper care and use of tools and equipment

· Organize storage areas and control use of materials, equipment and tools to prevent loss or abuse, and to minimize time required for distribution and collection

· Evaluate each student’s performance and growth in knowledge and aesthetic understandings and prepare progress reports

· Plan and present art displays and exhibitions designed to exhibit students’ work for the school and the community

· Maintain professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the school and/or in self-selected professional growth activities

· Communicate with parents and school counselors on pupil progress

· Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs, such as after school art club

· Collaborate with cross-functional teams – from creative, IT and production to product marketing and legal – to produce effective promotional materials

How to Apply

Interested applicants should click HERE to apply.

Application Deadline: 20th November 2020.

Applications will be acknowledged within three working days of submission. Only short-listed applicants will be interviewed. All appointments are subject to an interview, identity checks, criminal record checks, and successful references. 



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