Beautiful Ibibio/Annang Baby Names of ALL Alphabets

Baby naming is one of the essential things parents should do once a new baby arrives in the family. Babies should be given unique names because they would bear and grow up with such names.

We know how important it is for you to give your baby a unique and beautiful name, so we compiled this collection of beautiful Yoruba baby names. 

Beautiful Annang Baby Names of ALL Alphabets 2022

Ima-OBONG which means Love of God or “God’s love”


Ekom-OBONG means “Thank God”

Itoro-OBONG means “Praise God”

Imo-OBONG means “Wealth of God”

Ekikere-OBONG means “Thought of God”

Uwem-OBONG means “Life of God”

Mfon-OBONG means Gods grace

ABASI-Ifreke means “God has not forgotten me”

ABASI-Ibianaghake means “God has not forsaken or betrayed me”

Utom-OBONG means “God’s work”

Uforo means “Progress”

Akanimo means “More than Wealth or Riches”

Idongesit means “Comfort”

Ekaette means “mother of my father”

Ette-OBONG means

KufreABASI means “Don’t forget God”

Ki-IMA means “In the love of God”


OBONG-Ima means “God of love”

Nkereuwem means “think of life”

Utibe-Ima means “goodness of love” or “great love”

Etoro-OBONG means “praise God”

Ufan-Obong means “friends of God”

Akwa-Ima means “great love”

Odudu means “wealth or power”

Aniekan-ABASI means “who can conquer God”

Anietiente-ABASI means “who is like God”

Akpan-OBONG means “firstborn of God”

Unwana-OBONG means “light of God”


Emem-OBONG means “God’s peace”

KuseOWO means “Don’t look at men”

Edidiong means “Blessing”

Andikan-ABASI means “Who conquers God”

Ubok-OBONG means “Hand of God”

Ubokudom means “Right hand”

Ediomo means “Covenant”


Oto-OBONG means “From God”

Sifon means “Good” or “what is good”

Ediong means “blessed”

Uduakobong means “God’s will”.

There are many more names with beautiful meanings.


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