GES Promotion Interview for Non-Teaching Staff 2024

The management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has commenced the promotion interview for non-teaching staff across regions.

To qualify, an applicant should have been promoted to any of the ranks on or before 1st September 2019 and should have been continuously at the post since that date. Applicant must have a very satisfactory work history with good conduct in the service.

You are to request and receive all applications, process (shortlist) set up the panel with schedule, and submit the interview itinerary to the Director-General for approval .


Non-teaching staff grades to be considered for Promotion

Applicants are required to purchase an E-voucher card and visit the Ghana Education Service (GES) non-teaching staff promotion portal

Promotion for Accounting class

  1. Senior Accountant
  2. Accountant
  3. Assistant Accountant
  4. Senior Accounts Clerk

Promotion for Internal Audit Class

  1. Senior Internal Auditor
  2. Internal Auditor
  3. Assistant Internal Auditor
  4. internal Audit Assistant Grade

Promotion for Tradesman Class

  1. Foreman
  2. Workshop Supervisor

Promotion for Security Class

  1. Deputy Chief Security Officer
  2. Principal Security Officer

Promotion for Driver Class

  1. Chief Driver
  2. Principal Driver
  3. Senior Driver

Promotion for Secretarial Class

  1. Private Secretary
  2. Stenographer Secretary
  3. Stenographer Grade
  4. Senior Private Secretary
  5. Senior Typist

Promotion for Technical Class

  1. Technical Officer
  2. Assistant Technical Officer
  3. Senior Technical Assistant

Promotion for Laboratory Class

  1. Laboratory Technician
  2. Assistant Laboratory Technician
  3. Senior Laboratory Assistant

Promotion for Librarian Class

  1. Senior Librarian
  2. Librarian
  3. Assistant Librarian
  4. Senior Library Assistant

Promotion for Technical Class

  1. Senior Technical Officer
  2. Assistant Technical Officer

Promotion for Catering Class

  1. Senior Domestic Bursar
  2. Domestic Bursar
  3. Assistant Domestic Bursar
  4. Senior Matron
  5. Matron

Promotion for Administrative Class

  1. Senior Administrative Officer
  2. Administrative Officer
  3. Assistant Administrative Officer
  4. Senior Clerk

With the approval of the Director-General, the Regional Office will conduct interviews and report o the Director-General.

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