GES Possible Promotion Interview Questions Part 2: Meaning of the Free SHS Logo

GES Possible Promotion Interview Questions Part 2: Meaning of the Free SHS Logo.

The design highlights an open book, on which is suspended a sketch of two delighted school children leaping in jubilation. Underneath the symbol are three words: Access, Equity, and Quality boldly inscribed.


The Open Book, represents learning that generates hope and optimism for a prosperous Ghana. The central symbol portrays two children emerging from a pleasurable learning experience, as they spontaneously explode in joy. They are beneficiaries of a policy that lifts the total burden of fees from parents; be it fees for books, meals, use of lab, boarding, or school uniform. These and others are to be enjoyed free of any costs to guardians.
The two then have a reason to leap in delight; but their animated mood also represents optimism for a brighter tomorrow.

The highlighted themes of Access, Equity and Quality underline the principles that drive the policy.

Access: The policy aims at widening access to senior high school education.


Equity: This is a fundamental driver in any social intervention programme. Poverty, gender, deprivation, etc. should no longer be barriers to education. The Government is eager to ensure a fair and just society where there are equal opportunities for all, irrespective of family circumstances.

Quality: The expected expansion of access to education can be achieved, without the need to compromise the quality of education. The package comes with qualitative instructional material, improvement in school infrastructure, as well as capacity building and teacher motivation.


The Open Book stands for Learning that is made accessible, so others can share: it is the candle that ignites hope for future generations, and enables students from diverse backgrounds to study towards transforming lives and uplifting their communities.

The color code, Red, Gold and Green, with black in parts, represents Ghana’s national identity.


The free SHS policy adds value to prevailing free primary and junior high school policies, to make pre-tertiary education a totally free undertaking that should eventually position Ghana to enhance the quality of its human capital to boost national development.


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