Download New GES Curriculum For Basic Schools 2021

Download New GES Curriculum For Basic Schools 2021: Do you need the new GES curriculum for basic schools? You are at the right place.


Following the launching of the new basic curriculum as part of the ongoing reforms in the sector by the Ghana Education Service (GES), we’re providing you with the recent curriculum.

The Education Ministry is embarking on the reforms, particularly at the pre-tertiary level, to make education more responsive to the human resource and development needs of Ghana.

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Features of the New Primary Curriculum

Below are the key features of the newly-introduced reforms which will take effect at the start of the new academic calendar in September.

Under the new curriculum, the following important features must be noted;

1. At KG, the number of learning areas is to be reduced from seven (7) to four (4) which are integrated into themes. However, these will be treated with more depth.

2.  At Lower and Upper Primary, the number of subjects remains the same. However, there will be fewer concepts and more in-depth treatment of concept in each subject. Further, there is greater emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

3. Introduction of standards-based curriculum. This means that at every stage in school, a student is expected to demonstrate an understanding and mastery of knowledge and skills that they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.

4. There will be national assessments at P2, P4 and P6 to ensure that children’s performance is being tracked.


5. History of Ghana will be compulsory for each child from P1 to P6.

6. RME will be a standalone subject.

7. PE will be a standalone subject and will be taught practically

8. French will be introduced at Upper Primary

Plan for Nationwide Implementation

1. Training a core of 150 master trainers nationwide on the new curriculum.

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2. The master trainers will in turn train 3,900 district and regional trainers.

3. About 152,000   KG and primary school teachers will be trained across the country by the master, regional and district trainers.

4. There will be continuous professional development through the setting up of learning communities for teachers to enable them share ideas and experiences.

5 Community engagement (School Management Committees (SMCs), School Performance Appraisal Meetings (SPAM),  PTA), supply of curriculum documents to schools, supply of textbooks, relevant teaching-learning resources, monitoring and evaluation.


Download New GES Curriculum For Basic Schools

You can now have access to the new curriculum by downloading below:

The curricula above are the latest ones released by the Ghana Education Service (GES) for basic schools.



  1. There have been changes in the various syllabus so am asking, what textbook are we going to use to teach the children.Things are new now so there must be a new books the various subject, physical education, science, history, computing, creative art and design etc.

  2. I cannot find computing curriculum for basic 1 – 3
    even on nacca’s official website computing curriculum for basic 1-3 is no where to be found.

  3. this curriculum is going to have an impact on the Teacher Training Course outline. What are the measures that have put in place to that respect?

  4. The effects of this curriculum can only be seen in a decade to come .There is also more burden on the facilitators due to the inavailability of T L Ms

    • Please when will the basic 7 (jhs1)the science textbooks be out. Because the syllabus and the scheme of work but the textbooks is not yet out and this makes it difficult for the facilitators to teach.

  5. Please New Mathematics curriculum for the upper primary ( B4–B6) are not available on the platform. Kindly rectify that!

  6. Going through the New G.E.S. Curriculum for Basic Schools, I think it is a good approach to practical learning. However, we can only achieve this if proper training alongside adequate T.L.M.s are made available for all schools. Private schools should also be captured in this training and resource allocation process.
    I have also noticed that Mathematics Curriculum for Higher Primary Schools (Basic 4-6) has been wrongly uploaded.
    Instate of uploading Mathematics Curriculum for Higher Primary Schools (Basic 4-6) into the database, Mathematics Curriculum for Lower Primary Schools (Basic 1-3) was rather uploaded.
    Can the technicians quickly correct that for us?
    Thanks and good job.

  7. am Isaac and I want to find out why can’t we download the mathematics for primary 4 to 6
    and also fins out when can we get the app for the syllabus

  8. my promotion, when will I be put on my new rank? AD II (staff id 215821)
    Asaman-Buadukwaa Basic School
    Ekumfi Asaman
    Central Region


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