Ghana Baptist University Academic Calendar 2023/2024

Ghana Baptist Univerity Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Ghana Baptist College, GBUC Academic Calendar for the 2023/2024 Academic Session has not been released yet below is the previous academic calendar.

The management of the Ghana Baptist University College (GBUC) has released the official academic calendar for the institution for the 2018/2019 academic session.

Ghana Baptist University Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, faculty, staff and departments, as well as outside organisations. The calendar includes registration dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, exam dates and more.

Ghana Baptist University Academic Calendar 

DATE                                              ACTIVITY

August 2018

1st August, 2018                     Registration of courses

2nd August, 2018                    Post-Moderation by UCC Team

3rd August, 2018                     End of Vacation Practical (SN)

7th August, 2018                     Annual Work Plans

10th August, 2018                   Academic Board

20th August, 2018                   Re-Opening/Registration of Courses(SN)

24th August, 2018                   Pre-Semester Staff Retreat

27th August, 2018                   Lectures Begin for Cont. Students (SN)

27th August, 2018                   Re-Opening Cont. Students (SBA)

31st August, 2018                   Lecture Begin for Weekend School


September 2018

3rd Sept. 2018                        Fresher’s Report/Register (SBA + SN)

14th Sept. 2018                      Registration Ends for Continuing Students

28th Sept. 2018                      Publication of Provisional List of Registered Students

28th – 29th Sept. 2018            Orientation for Fresh Students


October 2018

1st – 5th Oct. 2018                  Submission of Exam 13

13th Oct. 2018                        Matriculation/ Congregation


15th – 19th Oct. 2018             Mid-Semester Exam (SN)

20th Oct. 2018                        Closure of Admissions

31st Oct. 2018      Deadline for Payment of 40% Balance of Fees

22nd -31st Oct. 2018               Mid-Semester Examinations



November 2018

2nd – 3rd Nov. 2018               Fresher’s Akwaaba (SRC)

5th – 9th Nov. 2018                Spiritual Emphasis Week

8th Nov. 2018                        Pre-Moderation

16th Nov. 2018                      Lectures End (SN, L200 & 300)

25th Nov. 2018                      Lectures End

26th – 2nd Nov. 2018            Revision/ Exams

30th Nov. 2018                    Lectures end for Nursing Level 100’s

23rd – 28th Nov. 2018           Revision Week

30th Nov. 2018                     Start of End of Semester Exams (SBA)



December 2018

10th – 11th Dec. 2018             Practical Exams (SN)

12th – 21st Dec. 2018            Written Exams (SN)

17th Dec. 2018                      Carol Service

21st Dec. 2018                      End of the Semester

21st Dec. 2018                      Christmas Break

22nd Dec. 2018                     Christmas Break (SN)

22nd Dec. 2018                     Students go down.


January 2019

3rd Jan. 2019                       Start of Sandwich Prog.STM

3rd Jan. 2019                       End of New Year Break

4th Jan. 2019                       January Admissions

7th Jan. 2019                       Registration of Courses Begin

7th Jan. 2019                       Vacation Practicals (SN)

18th Jan. 2019                     Lectures for Jan. Sch. Begins

18th Jan. 2019                     Orientation for Jan. Students

21st Jan. 2019                     Last day for submission of marks and marked scripts


22nd Jan. 2019                    School Board Meetings

23rd Jan. 2019                    Exam/ Disciplinary Committee Meeting

24th Jan. 2019                    Departmental Meetings

29th Jan. 2019                    Post-Moderation

31st Jan. 2019                    Staff Retreat


February 2019

4th Feb. 2019                     Academic Board Meeting

4th Feb. 2019                     Lectures for Regular Sch. Begin

8th Feb. 2019                     Lectures for Weekend Sch. Begin

8th Feb. 2019                     End of Sandwich (Undergraduate) STM

11st Feb. 2019                   Publication of Results

11th Feb. 2019                   Re-Opening & Registration (SN)

18th Feb. 2018                  Start of 2nd Semester & Registration. (STM)

18th Feb. 2019                  Lectures Begin (SN)

22nd Feb. 2019                 Mid-Sem. Exams for Jan Sch.

25th Feb. 2019                  Start of Lectures (STM)

28th Feb. 2019                  Registration of Courses Ends

28th Feb. 2019                  Orientation for Jan. Sch. Freshers


March 2019

1st March 2018                  Public Lecture

8th March 2018                  Last day for submission for questions for Pre-Moderation

25th -31st March 2019       Mid-Sem. Exams (Regular Sch.)


28th March 2019                UCC Pre-Moderation


April 2019

1st – 8th April 2019          Mid-Sem Exams (STM)

1st – 5th April, 2019         Mid-Sem Exams (SN)

5th -26th April 2019         End of 1st Sem. Exams for Jan Sch.

8th -12th April 2019         Spiritual Emphasis Week

18th March 2019             Easter Break

23rd April 2019                End of Easter Break

26th April 2019                End of Lectures (Regular Sch.)


May 2019

3rd May 2019                  Second Sem. Lectures resume for Jan. Sch.

3rd -24th May 2019         End of 2nd Semester Exams (Regular Sch.)

10th May, 2019                Lectures End (SN)

13th–31st May, 2019        Intra-Sem. Clinical Work (SN)

27th May 2019                 Start of Exams (STM)


June 2019

3rd June 2019                          Students go down

3rd – 7th June 2019                 Revision Week (SN)

3rd – 7th June 2019                 Revision Week (SN)

7th June 2019                          Mid-Sem. Exams for Jan. Sch.

7th June 2019                          End of Exams (STM).


10th & 11th June 2019             Practical Exams (SN)

12th – 21st June                      End of Sem. Exams (SN)

22nd June 2019                      Students go down (SN)

30th June 2019                       Annual Report



July 2019

1st – 26th July                         Vacation Practical Work (SN)

7th July 2019                           End of Lectures for Jan. Sch.

12th – 28th July 2019               End of Semester Exams for Jan. Sch.

31st July 2019                          Annual Appraisals


  1. Executive Committee meets once in 2 months
  2. Other committee/ board meetings on monthly basis.
  3. Senior Staff meeting (once a month)
  4. Please note all dates for submission of documents and keep to them.


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