Freight Forwarding Company Recruitment 2023/2024

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Freight Forwarding Company Recruitment 2023/2024.

Freight Forwarding Company is a reputable company in Ghana.

we are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Managing Director at Logistics

CompanyFreight Forwarding Company
PositionManaging Director at Logistics
LocationAccra, Ghana
Job typeFull-Time
SalaryNot Specified

Job Description


The MD shall provide leadership for all aspects of the company’s operations with an emphasis on long-term goals, growth, profit, and return on investment. The MD shall oversee all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission.  The MD shall develop and execute the company’s business strategies, and provide strategic advice to the board.


Executive Management Duties

  • Oversee the functioning of the company and provide guidance.
  • Share best practices for operational excellence and cost leadership
  • Set the agenda and direction for the development of the Company’s corporate strategy, policies, and overall commercial objectives for approval by the Board.
  • Monitor to ensure that the company complies with the Board’s approved policies and procedures including directives for the achievement of corporate goals.
  • Analyse business performance reports submitted by the Heads of Departments for Board decision-making.
  • Provide accurate, timely, and clear information on the companies’ performance, challenges, and opportunities to enable the Board to make sound decisions.
  • Present for Board’s approval the companies’ annual budget and financial plan and monitor to ensure their achievement
  • Establish strong professional relationships and liaise closely with policymakers, Government officials, financial institutions, and other business executives/companies to explore business opportunities

Strategy & Policy Development

  • Provide leadership, develop, recommend, and execute business plans that support the Company’s long-term strategy.
  • Provide leadership and direct the development and execution of policies/procedures, controls, and standards in all functional areas to support overall business objectives.
  • Financial Management
  • Serve as the principal financial advisor to the company to support the annual operating and financial strategic plans
  • Monitor to ensure the successful execution of approved finance and investment strategies within the company
  • Lead in financial modeling and analysis to support the development of long-term strategic initiatives and business plans
  • Analyze the financial performance of the company and advise the Board as appropriate.

Performance Monitoring

  • Establish and monitor performance reporting systems using the balanced scorecard
  • Monitor the company’s performance against approved performance goals to ensure that progress is being made in all key result areas
  • Conduct regular meetings with departmental heads to ensure that priorities are clear and coordination is effective.

Business Development and Growth

  • Provide supervision and advice on business development initiatives; ensuring growth in revenue, profitability, customer acquisition, customer retention, and new business of the company.
  • Provide leadership and technical expertise in the conception and formulation of new business ideas into saleable services in line with the Company’s long-term vision and business strategy.
  • Review, analyze, and evaluate approved business strategies/plans for new business initiatives and provide detailed financial models to examine the value of income-generating business model ideas in line with the Company’s overall strategy/plan.
  • Provide strategic direction in the management of the Company’s marketing and sales functions in pursuance of the Company’s business objectives. Spearhead the marketing effort/functions of the Company to maintain a visible and active presence in the local and international market to enhance new business acquisitions whilst supporting existing relationships.
  • Develop and implement new business processes to improve upon service delivery
  • Manage service providers/strategic alliances as agreed by the Group

Legal and Compliance

  • Lead and monitor to ensure that all legal and statutory obligations of the Company are in compliance with the relevant laws of Ghana

Stakeholder Relations & Management

  • Maintain professional relationships with Regulatory Agencies, SSNIT and other external stakeholders to facilitate the operations of the company.


  • Responsible for the effective supervision and management of day-to-day operations in all functional areas of the company, including technical, health, security and safety

Information & Reporting

  • Keep at all times the Group COO, and the Group Board promptly and fully informed of the business affairs of the Company and provide such explanations as may be required therewith.
  • Prepare and submit periodic reports on the operations of the Company
  • Stay abreast with legislation, rules/regulations, new developments and international best practices to facilitate/ enhance the operations/activities of the company.
  • Monitor the implementation of effective Human Resource database to facilitate the recording of data/information to enhance retrieval and accessibility of information.
  • Monitor the actual Head Count of employees of the company and prepare consolidated manning reports for review.

Employee Performance & Development

  • Hold direct reports accountable for managing their assignments to ensure the attainment of set targets/ goals in all functional areas.
  • Conduct performance appraisal and provide input for career development and recommend performance incentives for subordinate staff.
  • Identify training needs and facilitate training for subordinate staff.


  • Good knowledge and understanding of Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain, and Logistics Management
  • Knowledge in Financial Management – Planning and Budgeting
  • Strategic Planning and Human Resource Management
  • Excellent interpersonal Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Considerable knowledge/understanding in project management.
  • Business Development acumen
  • Good negotiation and conflict management skills.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders and work effectively with all categories of employees.
  • Good knowledge in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet, ERP, etc.
  • Good decision-making is based on a thorough analysis.


  • Master’s Degree or professional qualification in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics, or related.
  • Must be a member of a recognized professional body.
  • In-depth Knowledge of Logistics and Supply Chain Freight Forwarding is an added advantage.
  • Twelve (12) years of relevant post-qualification experience in the assigned field with at least 7 years in a senior management role in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply

Application Deadline: 19th April 2023

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