12 Best Free Fishing Apps for iOS and Android

Nowadays, smartphones very much dominate every aspect of life, and fishing is no different. With fishing apps, you won’t just be able to go fishing; you’ll also be able to keep track of your catch statistics as well as your preferred fishing locations and best baits.


Although there are a number of fishing apps available. In this article, you’ll learn about the best free fishing apps for your smartphone. These apps offer GPS mapping and fish-fishing capabilities on boats thereby simplifying fishing.


12 Best Free Fishing Apps for iOS and Android 2024

Below is a list of the 12 best free fishing apps for your smartphone with helpful tips on how to use them.


Anglr is one of the free fishing apps that you should consider. With Anglr, you can easily create an account and log in with your fishing information. Interestingly, this app makes everything practically automatic. Once you start fishing, your GPS route, weather condition including air temperature information of your location will be captured.

You can also go ahead to develop a database by adding other records and photos of your catch and track the performance of specific baits.

2. FishBrain

With over 9 million users, Fishbrain is one of the most popular fishing apps out there. The app allows you to get connected with other anglers. It also has updates on hotspots and what’s biting, a species recognition tool, and includes fishing forecasts. With the app, you can also see other angler fisher’s locations, thereby bringing anglers interaction and connection.

3. FishAngler

FishAngler is one of the best fishing apps worth having. The app has four basic functions: it provides mapping, weather forecasts with seven-day marine forecasts, logbook functionality with close to 50 detailed catch attribute you can use to record catches and conditions, and a virtual community that lets you connect with anglers around the globe

4. Fishidy

This fishing app offers maps of over 20,000 freshwater and 180 saltwater waterways, as well as data on 175,000 streams throughout the United States. Each channel is labeled with fishing spots, seasonal fish movements, and fishing patterns. Its real-time angler activity reports will ensure you never miss a bite.

5. FishTrack

FishTrack is one of the best fishing apps you should download. The app has unique features such as sea surface temperature, bathymetric data, chlorophyll charts, moon phases, and weather predictions.

Interestingly, the app offers you the ability to save the imagery so that once you’re offshore and well beyond cell service, you can continue viewing your charts.

6. Pro Angler

Pro Angler is one of the best fishing apps designed for saltwater fishing. The app also has over 7,500 hotspots listed with tidal data, water and air temperature, and weather conditions. Another interesting feature of this app is that it offers a listing of land-based features, such as bait and tackle shops, boat ramps, charter boats, and weight stations.

7. Deeper Smart Sonar

This app is intended to be used in combination with Deeper’s well-known castable fish finder. The app offers real-time data from sensors, allowing you to view useful information such as water depth, temperature, bottom terrain, fish position, and so on. It can be configured in a variety of ways, including the ability to set up different fish and depth warnings, adjust the appearance of the show, and move between nascent and mature fish.

8. RiverFlows

This is another free fishing app that you should have on your next fishing expedition. The app utilizes data fed by the USGS, NOAA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Colorado Department of Water Resources, and the California Data Exchange, to quickly and simply show lake and river water levels across the U.S. Water temperature data is also displayed, and you can see river flows in graph form or cubic feet per second.

9. Terrafin

Terrafin is one of the best fishing apps that you should have on your smartphone. The app has downloadable charts and the ability to set waypoints, get bearings and distances, and display altimetry and chlorophyll charts.

10. Fishing Knots Lite

Fishing Knots Lite is a free app that provides users with detailed pictorial guidance on how to tie a variety of fishing knots. The knots cover everything from attaching flies, hooks, swivels, and other bait, with a brief explanation of usage as well as an illustrated guide on tying it.

11. Fish Rules

The Fish Rules app is a free app that works on both Android and iOS. It is a useful companion app for saltwater fishermen, gathering all of the fishing laws and restrictions for a range of species and federal waters from Maine to Texas in one location.

12. Gofree Hooked

The GoFree Hooked app allows anglers to record catches by GPS location and save fish photos, details, and notes about each catch. Once saved, anglers can also share that information with friends, and family, and on social media. Interestingly, users can compete in tournaments with other users to see who the best angler is via the live leaderboard.

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