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Looking for ways to access the Florida E-Filing Portal? You are in the right place. The Florida E-Filing Portal provides eFiling and eRecording capability to users with a single statewide login.

Florida E Filing Portal

In this article, you’ll find information on how to access your Florida Court E-Filing portal and the Florida E-Filing portal app to access your case file at any time.

You can access a patient portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week to manage your court needs, The portal is secure, confidential and easy to use.


What is Florida E-Filing Portal

Governed by the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority, the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal serves as a single, statewide access point connecting thousands of users to Florida’s court system.

Benefits of Florida E-Filing Portal

  • Allows users to file their cases anytime. The Portal is available to registered users 24/7.
  • Allows users to file their cases from anywhere. Using the Portal, filers can upload documents from the convenience of their own home or office without stepping foot in a courthouse.
  • Provides a free to use service that allows users to file documents while paying the required court fees, as well as minimal payment processing fees.
  • Allows users to file their cases in batches, helping attorneys and self-represented litigants save time while filing many court documents.
  • Connects thousands involved in Florida’s justice system including more than 220,000+ self-represented litigants, 82,000 attorneys, 1,400 judges, and more.
  • Has saved filers an estimated $38 million in postage by providing a method to transfer documents without having to mail, ship, or use a courier service.

How to Access the Florida E-Filing Portal Login

To access the right portal option for you, select the state where you received the service.

How to Signup on Florida E-Filing Portal

To access the Florida Court Florida E-Filing portal, you need to, first of all, create an account on the portal.

  • Visit the Florida E-Filing portal at https://myflcourtaccess.com/default.aspx
  • Select your role
  • Thereafter, click on “Register”
  • Provide your personal information and then click on the Register Button.

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