Education Administrator Job Description – What Are Their Duties

Just like any business or organisation, educational institutions require the services of an administrator to carry out daily activities outside classrooms on behalf of the management and staff of the institution.

Most educational administrators work across all educational sectors including but not limited to ministries of education situated in their country of residence.


Job Profile For Educational Administrator

Education administrators are involved in organising, managing and coordinating running an educational institution irrespective of size, location and type with the available resources provided by the authorities.

Most administrators in the education line function in different capacities as human resource personnel, procurement officers, facility managers, accountants or as assistants to members of the management staff. In some instances, they are involved in activities that promote their institutions such as career fairs, orientation and other campus recruitment related activities

Working in this profession requires great communication or interpersonal relationship skills as you would work alongside teachers or lecturers in running the institution in a reliable and efficient way.

 Work hours for education administrators follow the 9-5 schedule during weekdays except during campus events, admission or examination exercise where they may be required to work overtime or during weekends on some instances.

Job Description For Education Administrators

As an education administrator, your daily activities would involve;

Your daily activities and responsibilities as a loan officer include;

  • Evaluating curriculum and teaching methodologies
  • Participating in the training and recruitment of staff
  • Facilitate meeting with school boards and education ministries at the state and federal level
  • Monitor financial affairs, including budgets and purchasing of school expenses
  • Conducting teacher and staff evaluations to ensure proper implementation of the curriculum
  • Representing and maintaining school image and reputation
  • Supervision of the facility for safety and quality of physical condition
  • Attending school-related events as required and drawing up plans against subsequent sessions

What Skill Should I Have As An Education Administrator?

Some of the relevant skills for a successful career as an educational administrator includes;

  • Teamwork
  •  Creativity
  • Great attention to details
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Presentation and time management skills

Where Can I Work As An Educational Administrator?

Educational administrators can work as professionals in the following organisations;

  • Ministries of education
  • Private Schools
  • Colleges of Education
  • Universities
  • Educational Consulting firms

What Steps Can I Take To Become An Educational Administrator?

 An undergraduate degree with grades in disciplines such as education, business studies, english, maths, statistics or information management is preferred by employers for administrative roles in various educational institutions.

However, applicants with degrees from other disciplines with relevant work experience from previous jobs or internship positions may be considered during the selection process.

Although many educational institutions provide training on the job, many administrators develop or improve their skillsets through training programmes organized by accredited external bodies.


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