Cost of DNA Test and Where To Do It In Ghana (2024)

In our present-day where paternity, maternity, and baby theft is on the increase, there’s a need to carry out a DNA test on your child. Of late, they have been a clamour for DNA testing to determine the paternity of a child.

However, it’s not everyone that can afford the cost of running a DNA test in Ghana. In this article, we’ll elucidate on the cost of a DNA test in Ghana and where to carry out a DNA test in Ghana.


What is a DNA Test?

A DNA test usually means a paternity test used to determine whether someone is the father (or sometimes even mother) of the child through DNA profiling. A DNA test, if performed correctly and in accordance with regulations, can be a solid proof of paternity that could be used in court. DNA testing can also be used to determine other biological relationships, but paternity tests are the most common.

As of now, a DNA test is the most reliable and advanced method of determining parenthood. It is almost 100% accurate. When the results come in, it is usually in the percentage form and not in a straightforward ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. If you get over 99%, it means that you are definitely the father.

A DNA test might not work if one of the people that take part in it is a chimaera. This means that the person has two sets of DNA as opposed to one, which most people have. It is a rare condition, but it might happen.

DNA tests are performed by swabbing the insides of the cheeks of both the child and the alleged father. It can be done either by a medical professional (in a clinic/lab or at home) or by literally anyone. The swabs with the cells containing DNA are then sent to a laboratory for processing. After that, the result will come in as soon as the data is processed.

One thing to remember is that if the swabbing is not done by a professional (or in the presence of one), the results cannot be used as evidence in court. Therefore, if it is important to you, take your alleged child to a clinic/lab or invite a professional to your home.

Reasons Why You Need a DNA Test

There are so many reasons why you might have the need for a DNA test. We will just highlight a few reasons why you need a DNA paternity test.


1. Immigration: You need a DNA testing for an immigration process to establish that you are the biological parent of your child.

2. To obtain child support: A mother may want to make certain that the biological father provides child support. A man who is thought to be the father may voluntarily undergo paternity testing or may be ordered by a court of law to undergo such testing. Child support determinations may depend entirely on clear results from a DNA paternity test when no other formal evidence is available and it is otherwise a matter of one person’s story against another.

3. To obtain custody: A father who wishes to have custody rights for his child may be asked by the court to establish paternity through DNA testing. Similarly, the court may request a DNA paternity test when a mother believes a man is not the father of her child, and she does not want to share custody. DNA paternity testing will clearly establish whether the man is indeed the child’s father.

4. Personal: For a man, knowing whether or not he is the father has potentially lifelong consequences. It can mean the difference between having a lifetime relationship and commitment to a child, or no relationship.

Having said that, so how much is the DNA test in Ghana? Let’s find out.

Cost of DNA Test in Ghana

Now, the question ‘How much does DNA test cost in Ghana’ is a rather complicated one. The cost of a DNA testing in Ghana varies considerably depending on the clinic/laboratory and the number of people involved.

The average cost of a DNA paternity test in Ghana is around GHC 2,500 – GHC 4,500. The price of the DNA test in Ghana may be lower than this depending on the lab and your location.

A paternity test can also be done during pregnancy through processes known as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. Paternity test during pregnancy is invasive and very expensive. DNA paternity test during pregnancy may be as high as GHC 5,000 – GHC 10,000.

Required Documents for DNA Paternity Test

Valid identification of both parents is required. Most labs like SYNLAB accepts:

  • International passport
  • Driver’s license
  • National ID card

The following documents for the child/children as also required.

  • Birth certificate of each child
  • Two passport photographs per child

The mother is required to accompany the child for identification and to provide signed consent where the child is below the legal consent age (18 years).


Confirmation of the actual biological paternity can only be achieved if the father, mother and the child are tested together. However, the father and child can be tested alone if the purpose of the test is for exclusion only.

In cases where a parent is no longer alive at the point of DNA testing, additional legal documentation evidencing the legal guardian status of the requestor is necessary. Alternatively, a marriage and death certificate of the requesting party will suffice.

Where to take a DNA test in Ghana?

Due to its sophisticated nature, not all hospitals/clinics carry out this kind of test. Below are some places where you can take a DNA test in Ghana.

1. The Trust Specialist Hospital Kuku Hill Osu Accra

2. DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) has operations in Accra, Ghana. DDC Ghana

  • Location: Accra
    7th Floor GNAT Heights
    30 Independence Avenue
    Ridge, Accra

3. Synlab Ghana

4. MDS-Lancet Laboratories – Tema

5. Scientellect Biomedical Laboratory


6. Marie Stopes Ghana, Kokomlemle Centre

7. Medlab Ghana

8. Metropolis Healthcare Ghana Limited, Accra

9. Nyaho Medical Centre, Accra

10. The DNA Testing Lab – MMA Ghana

11. UCMAS Ghana

12. IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), Accra


13. Rayben Diagnostics, Kumasi Ghana

14. Korle Bu DNA Centre.

Once you choose the clinic, you can contact it and find out how much DNA test costs in that particular establishment.

That is all we can tell you about the cost of a DNA test in Ghana. Determining the paternity of a child is an expensive venture, as such, you should consider the cost.



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