Difference Between Automatic and Self Placement System


Sequel to the release of the SHS School placement, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has explained the core differences between Automatic and Self Placement System.

The 2019 school placement will allow all BECE candidates to be placed in secondary schools across the country. GES Explains Difference Between Automatic and Self Placement System

The placement will be done based on the aggregate score of 6 subjects. These subjects include four elective subjects plus any best two. The core subjects are English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social studies. 

Difference Between Automatic and Self Placement System

To explain the difference between the two, let’s take a look at each of them and what it means.

Automatic Placement System

The first set of BECE graduates will be placed under the 2019 School placement Automatic Placement System (APS).

According to this system, students are ranked based on their performance in the BECE examinations. The Automatic Placement System (APS) is solely responsible for the placement of students in the secondary school of their choice.

The placements are based on the Program chosen and the type of residential vacancies in the schools.

The performance of the candidate is crucial in reaching the final decision as to whether they will be placed or not.

Is the Automatic Placement System (APS) Fair?

According to the Ghana Education Service, the Automatic Placement System (APS) is very fair. The system is designed to place importance on the merits of the candidates’ performance in the just-ended 2019 BECEThe availability of vacancies in the schools selected is also considered.

SELF Placement System (SPS)


Are all candidates qualified for automatic placement?

The answer is No. However, this is due to the fact that some students will miss out on all five schools selected during the registration. The miss is also the result of their performance.

What can students who missed the Automatic Placement System (APS) do?

Students who missed the Automatic Placement System (APS) must do the Self Placement. This is a manual process used to select a school, program and related accommodation.

It is the second window of opportunity for students or candidates who failed to get placed in any of their five choices. It allows you to select another school among their options available.

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