AthenaHealth Patient Portal –

Looking for ways to access the AthenaHealth patient portal? You are in the right place. The AthenaHealth Portal provides patients with personalized, compassionate care and access to their medical records online.

AthenaHealth Patient Portal

In this article, you’ll find information on how to access your AthenaHealth patient portal and the AthenaHealth patient portal app for either hospital or doctor’s office visits.


You can access a patient portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week to manage your health care needs. The portal is secure, confidential and easy to use.


What is AthenaHealth Patient Portal?

AthenaHealth patient portal is a personalized, secure website that enables you to manage healthcare interactions and communicate with your healthcare providers at AthenaHealth at any time, 24/7. This convenient online connection puts you in control of your healthcare from any web-enabled device.

Benefits of AthenaHealth Patient Portal

The AthenaHealth Patient Portal is a secure way to manage your health, offering a 24/7 connection to AthenaHealth and your important health information. Through the portal you can:

  • Request appointments
  • Pay your bill
  • Message your care team
  • Request prescription refills
  • View parts of your health records
  • View test results

How to Access the AthenaHealth Patient Portal

To access the right portal option for you, select the state where you received the service.

  • Visit the AthenaHealth patient portal –
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Thereafter, click on the Sign in icon.
  • If you can’t log in to your portal using the link above, check the homepage of your healthcare provider’s website for a Patient Portal link or a patient section. If you still have issues finding your portal’s Welcome page, contact your provider’s office directly.

How to Create an Account to Access AthenaHealth Patient Portal

If your healthcare provider uses athenahealth products, there are a few ways you can create an account with us to access your Patient Portal.

Some practices using athenahealth products offer Patient Portal access on the homepage of their website. Just look for the Patient Portal link and click on it to be taken to the Patient Portal welcome page. Once there, click the sign-up link below the Login with athenahealth button. This will take you to the registration page, where you can create your athenahealth account.

If you’re having issues finding the Patient Portal link on your provider’s website, you can contact their office for the correct URL or request an email invitation to their Patient Portal.

AnthenaHealth Patient Portal Mobile App

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your medical records and health information while away from your computer via your iPhone/iPad or Android device, including fax and email capability. If you currently use the anthenahealth patient portal to connect to our hospitals on your computer, this app extends that accessibility to your mobile devices. Use your same login to access your Universal Health Record account with your mobile device or tablet and take control of your health and wellness.

You can download the MyChart patient portal app from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.

How to Connect Health Information to an App

If you want to share your health information with a personal health record (PHR) app, you need to:

1. Have an athenahealth account

2. Confirm that the app you want to use is registered to work with athenahealth.


You can see which apps are currently registered with athenahealth by visiting our Marketplace website then:

1. Click on the Capabilities drop-down menu

2. Look for the Medical Records/Documentation category and

3. Check the Personal Health Record (PHR) box and review the results.

If the app or website you want to use isn’t listed under the personal health record capability of our Marketplace, you’ll need to contact the app’s creator and request that they register with athenahealth.

If you don’t have an athenahealth account, see the How do I create an account to access my athenahealth Patient Portal section above.

If you can log in but cannot locate your health record through a PHR app or website, contact your healthcare provider. You may need to be invited to your provider’s Patient Portal, or they may have disabled that app for health record access.


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