AAMUSTED Admission List 2022/2023

Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED) admission list for the 2022/2023 academic year is out.

UEW-AAMUSTED Admission List

aamusted.edu.gh Admission list is simply the names of successfully admitted applicants offered provisional admission into an institution. Admission lists are usually released by institutions after the conduct of the admission screening exercise.


The management of the Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), formerly UEW Kumasi and Mampong Campuses has released the list of students offered provisional admission into the institution for the 2022/2023 academic year.

AAMUSTED Admission List 2022/2023

AAMUSTED admission list is successfully uploaded online, to check your admission status follow the below lead from:-


If you cannot find your details, please exercise patience and come back later, as admission is still in progress.


Do you need financial assistance to study at the Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development? Well, we recommend you explore this opportunity by checking Scholarships Opportunities for Ghanaian Undergraduate for more details.

Newly admitted candidates are to check AAMUSTED Re-Opening Date for the first semester of the 2022/2023 academic year. This is to enable students to proceed with their school fees payment and online registration.

Before you can pay your tuition fees, you must know the UEW School Fees Schedule that applies to you. Whether you are an international or Ghanaian student, it is recommended that you have an idea of the AAMUSTED School Fees Schedule.


    • Hmmm….I was there yesterday to verify and I was told to wait and that they still working on I applied for postgraduate but I don’t know about the other category….there is a number at their website …u can call to check up as well

  1. Pls anytime l check my portal they say is still under process .so please how long should l wait Cox freshmen and women are not in school . Thanks.Dix ix my number 0204383424

  2. Please I keep on cheeking but no record found. When will the admission be out. This is my number 0548048981 incase of anything

  3. I keep on checking My admissions status but they always reply me by saying my admission is being processed and I should keep on waiting… Ramatu Ibrahim/0559556693(

  4. I’ve been checking my admission since but it keeps telling me my admission is being processed and I should wait patiently. Till when will I keep waiting?

  5. Please I have received message from the University that I should go and pay my school fees but I have not received my admission letter yet and I don’t know the amount am paying, anytime I key in my applicant ID to access the administration letter, the result I received is NO RECORD FOUND. Please do something about it for us because we have to pay our school fees before school reopen. Thank [email protected] (0548003399)

  6. Please I’m still waiting for my admission, when ever I checked they say it is being processed. This is my number 0543232108

  7. Please, whenever I check they say my admission is being processed, so please this is my contact in case of anything.0248892091/0553939645

  8. I also applied for IT in education any time I check the response is no record found but AAMUSTED have been texting me message that I should go and pay my fees whilst I don’t know the amount. Can somebody help?

  9. Kobana Hawa
    I applied for admission but whenever I check my admission status the reply is that my admission is being processed.Contact: 0246087773

  10. Please anytime I check the keep on telling me, that is on process so wait patiently.
    Honestly, I have corrected my two subjects BM and Financial acc please this is my number 0241498743/0551250352 Thank you.

  11. Please any time i check on my admission status the keep on telling me that my application has been processed, yet I have not gotten admission.. please this is my contact 0554885107 Whatsapp 0245430928 Thank you

  12. please the program I offered for have been changed .
    please help me get my program back which is mathematics in education.
    ID 1257366
    contact 0245705742

  13. Please am Amponsah-Baa Daniel and applied for AAMUSTED admission ,but anytime I check about the admission details what appears is to wait patiently.and I don’t know why it happens in that way .these are my contacts 0556060878/0500341229

  14. Please am Bercher charles regan ,i applied but any time i check ,the sub page says my application is been process and i should wait,and i have waited but nothing positive.this is my number 0548637017 please assist me out.hoping to hear from the management.thank you

  15. Plz I applied for construction technology in education but you offered me mechanical engineering.plz I am confused I don’t no what to do, so I beg help me.my number is 0559226854

  16. Please I have gain my admission and I want to know if there is any wasup group for this platform.if any this my number 0554683033. please the admin should please kindly add me to the group

  17. I am told admissions is on progress but anytime I entered into your portal to check on my admission status, the reply from you still remains the same NO RECORDS FOUND hence kindly contact me on 0247532640 to tell me the reasons. Thank you

  18. Please, admission is let me know because I don’t receive any message on my phone thank you.contact mi 0246088758/0543911243

  19. Please some of us apply for study leave, so we are just waiting for the admission letter to be out so that we will finish the final stage of the study leave before proceeding to the school. so i am appealing to the authorities should kindly release the admission letter as early as possible, so that we can use it to process our study leave at the right time before going to the school. That is my humble suggestion, thank you. please my contact 0542922001

  20. Pls admission is out,pls let mi know because I don’t receive any massage on my phone thank you.pls contact me 0246088758/0543911243

  21. hello please I have gained admission to the UEW Kumasi campus but my admission letter isn’ t in yet and I want to know if its a site problem or not …. please u can contact me on 0542627957 or send email via [email protected]

  22. Please when ever I check it says no record found but I’ve received a message telling me they’ve received my application forms and they entreat me to stay calm as they process it. I got the message on 16th August but yet I’ve not seen anything since then. Please this my number 0241348174/0591429615
    Email : [email protected]
    Thank you

  23. Please I have applied for admission at AAMUSTED and when ever I checked, it displays Application system error.
    Please I want to know what to do.
    My contact is 0550440050.

  24. Please I applied for admission at aamusted when I checked they say they u been offered admission to pursue. Without any course. Please help me out. 0541772313

  25. Please the sms message you gave me is not giving me any results I mean it doesn’t show anything and please when is entrance examination going to start.

  26. Please management of aamusted, some of us are eager waiting for the admission letter to go for study leave, I couldn’t make it last year due to late admission. 0247994357

  27. Please I have applied for admission at AAMUSTED and when ever I checked, they system keeps saying “no record found”.
    Please I want to know what to do. To keep on waiting?
    My number is 0248906554 you can contact me please.

  28. Please my name is Laboni Samuel …Please I have checked my admission status and the feed back is No record found….
    Please this is my number .0247571701…please tell me what is wrong…..

  29. Please any time I check it keeps on telling me no record.Am Agyemang kyeremeh Pius. please this is my number 0555665976..

  30. I tried checking my admission status but the system kept on giving me no record as feed back. Please what do I do? 0540903156 is my WHAT’S SAP number

  31. Please i have applied for admission, Kumasi Campus but when i checked it keep on saying that no
    record found. the name is Afua Dogah, my whatsapp no: 0207511722

  32. Please l have check serval times but is not going through…what the system keeps saying is No records..This is my WhatsApp number 0545980929

  33. I have been trying to check my Admission status but it says “No records found “what’s wrong?please .this is my contact 0543695177

  34. i bought the forms on March 2020. When i check from the Uew portal the feedback is always “Admission process is ongoing” , when i check from AAMUSTED portal it says “No Record Found”
    My Number is 0555403163

    • Please I have try to check my addmission status but it says No records found. Please here is my contact : 0541507235

  35. please I try checking my admission status but they keep on given me authentification as my feedback. am Shadrach Coker Ackon- Yankey Bsc. construction technology education. on sandwich

  36. Majority are having the same issue ,I called the head office but I was informed that ,I should wait still the close of this week and keep checking the website and if nothing pops up then I should bring the certificate I applied with together with the applicant form to the head office at Kumasi.
    I hope my information is useful but if not clear contact the head office
    0242765978 ,0506476245,0322497892

  37. Am dufie Florence plz I got a massage dat I have been offered admission but when I enter ma ID number and ma first name it says no record found plz help mi dis ma number 0241893807

    • I’m Baala Kwame Justice. Any time I check, no record found. Please, here is my phone number 0246175892.
      If any thing, please me know.

  38. I applied for admission and when i checked, they said my application id and my firstname is not on your records and how could it be that my application number is not on your records? Please contact me on 0248666049


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