10 Things You Can Do For Extra Money

Have you been thinking about what to do for an extra source of income?, Would you like to have more control over your finances and expenditures by earning more and most likely increasing your purchasing power?

Then by now, you should know the best way towards achieving your financial goals would be finding a new source of additional income which can add to your salary or profits from existing business.

I would be sharing with you some options you can explore either for a long term or short term period to make more money this year and beyond.


10 Things You Can Do For Extra Money

1) Rent Out Your Home

Renting out your home on online platforms Airbnb, for example, can serve as a source of passive income for you especially if you rarely stay at home due to work or have spare apartments for lease in other parts of the country.

2) Sell Jewelry

Selling jewellery and other beauty products can be a good option if you already have an established connection with females or men who love to accessorise and look good. In today’s social media world you can take your game a step further by opening up social media accounts to market your goods to interested buyers within your location.

3) Catering

One can turn their love for cooking, baking and making other edibles into a side hustle to make extra money. Starting out isn’t even capital intensive because you can start from your home kitchen till you are able to expand.

In getting clients, you would also start by rendering your services to people who have known you or trust you overtime before being able to get new clients who can either be reffered to you from previous clients or through advertisements made via available platforms.

4) Invest Spare Money

Spare cash should not be left in the bank or spent on a thing you do not need rather you can make your money work for you either by investing with your bank’s investment arm or insurance and asset management companies registered by approved bodies in your country.

5) Be A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants work with many companies to make routine processes easier all from the comfort of their home. If you have great organisational skills and can keep to assigned schedules then this could be a very good place to earn extra money when you are not working at your normal job.

6) Consider Affiliate Marketing

Do not think you need to have a website or blog before you can be referred to as an affiliate marketer. These days all you need is your Id and referral code to get started, many people earn a lot of spare cash through the referral schemes that are not website bound.

To get started , you can visit the website of organisations offering such services , read the terms and conditions, then begin making money be advertising on your social media platforms.

7) Event Management

Are you good at coordinating events, do you know how to arrange meeting points in a pleasing and aesthetic manner, then you would be an excellent event planner. Event planners make use of their organisational skills and attention to details in planning events as requested by their clients. It doesn’t matter if you work during weekdays as this job is quite flexible with your busy days only being during the weekends except on special weekday occasions.

8) Translator

It could be translating English to French, Spanish to German, or English to your local dialect whatever your forte is, offering your bilingual skills to those who need your services at a defined price could help with increasing your cash flow.

9) Graphic Design

Offering to design logos or flyers for small businesses or companies in your area or via freelance platforms could be another means when you have perfected your craft and also have a portfolio which shows your work so far.

10) Fitness Instructor

If you are a fitness instructor or a fitness enthusiast another way to make money is either by working in gyms on weekends or by offering personal training services to those looking to hire personal trainers. You would determine the amount you would like to be paid per hour as well as your work schedule which would be dependent on you and your client.

The list of what you could do to make extra money is quite non-exhaustive however, you would need to make sure you commit to the learning process by reaching out to senior professionals for learning resources that can be used for self learning purposes.

Remember to also develop your communication and people skills because a lot of your jobs would be coming from referrals and word of mouth.


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